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Could an electric engine provide the same performance as jet engines on current aircraft?

I have looked at various questions on this SE site regarding this topic but I have not really found a satisfactory answer. Some comments here regarding torque and power in electric motors vs gasoline ...
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Would connecting propeller blades with a continuous ring reduce induced drag?

Turbine engines are covered, which of course is to contain the process (just like a super/turbocharged engine is as soon as the air enters the intake). But it got me thinking, doesn't this also reduce ...
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For an electric airplane are propellers the only option for propulsion?

This is for an electric airplane (so no fuels for combustion): Are propellers the only option? Is there a turbine-jet possible with only air intake, electrically compress, and a turbine and nozzle ...
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Is there any equation to bind velocity, thrust and power?

I am designing a remote controlled airship. I will tune it so that the lift given by Archimedes' Principle will exactly balance the weight of all the structure. It will be propelled by brushless ...
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Are ducted fans more efficient?

As far as static thrust, does a shrouded/ducted propeller outperform an un-shrouded propeller? It seems that the guide blades on the bottom of the duct would allow little more thrust to be extracted ...
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Can an engine on a Boeing 737 fly just using compressed air instead of jet fuel? [duplicate]

I was just curious because the air is very compressed in the engine and some things do run on compressed air. And what if the engine was powered all by electricity?
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What is the highest possible thrust generated by 15cm ducted fan?

I recently developed a sudden interest in flying. I'm wondering whether a pair of small ducted fans could lift a person off the ground. Lets say the ducted fan is 15cm in diameter. What would be the ...
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Could ducted propellers improve efficiency in small drones?

I have seen that a new electric airplane design has decided to a choose ducted propeller design somewhat similar to the one of jet engines, explaining this design choice with the fact the ducted ...
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Do ducted fans eliminate induced drag?

It has often been said on this site that induced drag on wings is the inevitable result of producing lift over a finite length. Converting this to the realm of propulsion, I assume that propellers ...
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Where can I find info or techniques on calculating the influence of a duct on the thrust and efficiency of a propeller?

I am trying to run numbers on a concept VTOL fixed-wing aircraft, and I am looking at having fans or props positioned inside the wings, (which would therefore make the wings relatively thick for a ...
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Are shrouds and stators needed to maximize thrust from stacked props and motors in electric aircraft like the Lilium Jet?

Do some e-vtol aircraft, like the Lilium need shrouds and stators to maximize thrust from stacked electric motors and props? The aircraft is actually called the Lilium Jet, although it does not heat ...
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