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Could ejector seats save lives in commercial aircraft? [duplicate]

If cost were no issue (it could be done cheaply), would installing ejection seats for passengers possibly save lives? There are certain scenarios (albeit extremely rare ones), where the crew may know ...
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Airframe parachute on commercial airlines [duplicate]

My question, would a multi-deployment airframe parachute system be viable on a commercial airline? For example, Grumman & Cirrus already use this system. As with the automobile industries, they ...
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Why is it that only light aircraft are equipped with airframe parachutes? [duplicate]

Why is it that only light aircraft (like Cessnas and Cirrus') are equipped with airframe parachutes? Isn't it possible for at least slightly larger aircraft to have this feature? And isn't there a way ...
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What safety systems are currently being developed for crash situations? [duplicate]

I know commercial airplanes are gradually becoming safer thanks to the development of systems that are able to avoid the conditions that would lead to a fatality. But is anybody developing systems for ...
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Airplane Parachute [duplicate]

I want to ask two questions. Why don't they have parachutes on a passenger airplane? Could it be possible to have a parachute designed for their airplane? Like a big parachute that can safe the ...
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Crash-landing in the sea [duplicate]

A recurring theme I come across is how, in an emergency, it is safer for a passenger craft (such as an Airbus) to try to land on the ground rather than at sea. My understanding is that the main reason ...
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Why are commercial flights not equipped with parachutes for the passengers?

I understand that commercial flights are equipped with life vests. I also understand that most military jets are equipped with ejection seats. It may be costly and technically challenging to equip ...
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Even after years of research, why are planes unable to keep passengers alive in case of a fiery crash?

Aviation dates back to the 18th century, and since then tremendous research has been put into making aircraft safer and more efficient. Though these efforts have resulted in better aircraft, why are ...
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Why don't commercial jet aircraft have a break-apart, parachute escape system?

Imagine that the pilots on a jet aircraft determine that it will crash. Consider what would happen if the design of the craft allowed it to: Break into four pieces Each piece is pressurized ...
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Why don't commercial aircraft adopt a slightly more seaplane-like design to allow safer ditching in case of emergency?

For example : Why don't they have a more hydrodynamically shaped fuselage underside ? Specifically for the aircraft that have their engines mounted under the wings, isn't this too dangerous for ...
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Why don't they build airplanes from 3D printer plastic?

I'm not an expert in this field. My assumption is that there are plastics lighter and stronger than the materials used to build planes. So that would make plane lighter and thus would consume less ...
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Why don't airliners carry radar jamming technology or missile counter measures?

Why is it that commercial passenger aircraft that fly through dangerous areas don't carry some sort of electronic counter measure to defend themselves from missiles? Between terrorism and the various ...
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Does a prone position for the pilot minimize g-force effects?

Knowing that the Wright Flyer was the first successful heavier-than-air powered aircraft, I'm fascinated by its operation requiring a prone position. Searching further, I was surprised to find out ...
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Why are movable rocket thrusters not used in airplanes?

If an engine fails in a passenger airplane, why can't it have movable rocket thrusters in the wings to help safely land the airplane?
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Why is thrust vectoring not used on commercial jets?

Is there a particular reason for which thrust vectoring is not used in airliners as it is with military aircraft besides weight and complexity factors? I understand that on military aircraft ...

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