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How does an aircraft designer increase dynamic stability?

This question explains that an aircraft can be statically stable (it will seek to return to equilibrium) but dynamically unstable (the amplitude of the oscillations increase) if there isn't enough ...
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Why does the zeppelin NT tail use 3 fins?

I don't if I use the correct vocabulary. By "fin", I mean the control surface at the tail of the airship. As a control surface, it contains a moving part. As airship used to have at least 4 fins at ...
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What area is used to determine the horizontal and vertical tail volumes of a vtail?

What area is used to determine the tail volume of a 45 deg vtail? Is the same entire area of the vtail used to calculate vertical and horizontal tail volume? or do you use the projected areas in the ...
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Why do drones look different from common airplanes? [duplicate]

In this video is shown Top 5 Military Drone. As we may see, the shape looks different than usual airplanes. My concern is especially with the tail. Normally we know that the tail is vertical. But from ...
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Why aren't there V-tail airliners?

Since a V-tail is lighter and generates less drag than a conventional empennage, why has this solution been put away from production?
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How can I find the CG of a model aircraft based on its dimensions? [closed]

Given the dimensions and gross weight of an RC model aircraft, how can I find the center of gravity? Can I calculate it, or perhaps there's some way to approximate it?
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Why do the F/A-18 and the F-22 Raptor have horizontal stabilizer as well as canted rudders for pitch control?

F/A-18, F-22 Raptor have a horizontal tailplane as well as canted rudders? Why can't the horizontal tailplane done away with (as in the F-117) and have only the ruddervators for pitch control?
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How do X-shaped control surfaces work?

I watched this video of the Raytheon SDB II and noticed that it seems to have no control surfaces on its wings, just the four fins on the tail. How do these fins work to alter the attitude of the SDB ...
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What are the advantages of a Pelikan tail compared to a V-tail?

The Pelikan tail was originally proposed for the X-32. Why was the Pelikan tail proposed rather than a V-tail? What advantages and disadvantages does the Pelikan tail have compared to a V-tail or a ...
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Why are military drones shaped so strangely?

Military drones, such as the Predator drone or the Global Hawk, tend to have a weird shape with a whale-like head, and engines concentrated at the back. The wings tend to be of very high aspect ratio, ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ruddervators?

Can someone clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages of ruddervators? I cannot find the answer anywhere else.
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How much do 1947 and 2014 Beechcraft Bonanzas have in common?

A question about the tail shape of the Bonanza and Oldest aircraft still in production led me to wonder how much the first and latest aircraft in this series actually have in common. 1947 lost ...
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What is the oldest aircraft still in production?

What is the oldest aircraft still in production? I Googled it but only got the answer to the oldest military aircraft still in production.
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