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Why is it still mandatory to land a plane without autopilot? [duplicate]

I know that there are runways in the world that operate CAT III where the pilot can land with autopilot. But why do most airports with ILS not allow automatic landing?
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Why is landing on a carrier not handled by a computer?

Landing on a carrier seems like a difficult and risky task for military pilots, especially at night when the carrier should keep low profile and is practically unlit. It seems exactly like a problem ...
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What is a monitored approach?

I've heard this term used to describe approaches into low weather (e.g. category 2 ILS), what is it? How is this different than an ILS approach?
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Could aircraft already do a safe auto-takeoff with todays equipment?

If a plane can already autoland and stay aligned while roll-out by itself, on a CAT-3 ILS-Approach, I asked why there is no auto-takeoff-function on todays autopilots. Because it should be ...
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What's the preferred approach for a passenger jet?

I seemingly can't find an answer to this quite obvious question: What's the preferred approach procedure for a passenger jet at a modern airport fully equipped for precision ILS (both aircraft and ...
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What's the point of having ILS on runway signs?

Runway signs show the ILS category next to the runway designation. But if you flew and didn't drive to the airport, you already know (hopefully). Either way, you are taking off, so you don't really ...
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What configuration of autothrottle is required when pilots are landing an Airbus?

Do Airbus pilots normally disengage the Auto Throttle on a manual landing? Do pilots (Airbus or Boeing) normally prefer a manual landing to a A/P landing?
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Why did the pilot inform ATC that he is going to autoland?

I was listening to ATC and I heard the pilot say that they are going to autoland. What is the purpose of providing this info to ATC?
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How do preceding aircraft affect the ILS signals?

( Planes on approach in sequence to London Heathrow. When LVP is in effect, the ILS area is protected. I'm wondering, when there is a queue to a runway, how does the long queue affect ...
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When do pilots perform a CAT II/III autoland?

If I understand correctly in good, visual weather get conditions airline pilots generally do ILS CAT I, when at some point they disconnect autopilot at some point and land manually. If the visibility ...
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Final 200 feet under autoland

How does Autoland work below decision height (200 ft)? Ie, what guides the plane until the radar altimeter notes the jet is at the right height to begin to flare? I've been searching the internet, and ...
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Can I use the autoland mode if the airport is unknown to the FMC database?

Can I use the autoland if I have to land on an airport which is not known to my FMC database? Is it possible to insert the coordinates to get the autoland mode?
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How does auto landing work?

Some aircraft are equiped with auto landing to assist on zero visibility and ceiling land. Actually, how does this system work?
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Do modern aircraft automatically manage the deceleration to Vref?

Typically in most aircraft, the pilot manually reduces the speed gradually until reaching the landing zone/flare zone. Modern aircraft have FMC. Does the FMC automatically manage the speed gradually ...
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