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Why airflow travels faster on upper wings?

I have been looking for solutions and come up with two popular explanations: Conservation of mass / Continuity For a positive-cambered wing, the streamlines would be compressed/converged at the ...
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How complete is our understanding of lift?

I'm currently studying for my PPL and one of the accepted textbooks contains the following disclaimer at the end of the Principles of Flight section on lift: It is important to note that the forgoing ...
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How does the raked wingtip of the Boeing 787 work?

The wing tips are very different on these airplanes. The wingtip on a Boeing 787 is a sharp triangle, while the wingtip on a Boeing 737-300 is flat. British Airways Boeing 787-8 G-ZBJC wingtip | by ...
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Any info on very strange wing endings on this Stemme glider?

Do you have any info on this strange wing endings used on Stemme glider? Source
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Can wing-tip vortices be reduced/eliminated with a rear-facing propeller near the wing-tip?

Let's say we have a propeller-driven aircraft in the pusher configuration (rear-facing propellers). If we could somehow put an engine at the wing tip (ignoring structural concerns), and maybe make the ...
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How do paper airplanes create lift if their wings are flat?

Paper airplanes' wings are completely flat, unlike the droplet shaped curvature of a full sized wing. How does a flat wing generate any lift if both sides have the same air pressure?
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Why do wall-to-wall airfoils in wind tunnels produce no (or infinitesimal) downwash?

There are several induced drag explanations out there saying that tip/wake vortices “come from” downwash and downwash “comes from” lift. I’m using quotes because the concept is that there are no cause ...
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How can one change the wingtip geometry to enhance the wingtip vortices?

I'm doing some research on enhancing wingtip vortices as part of my Honours project. After spending a fair bit of time in the literature and on this forum I have some models which should kick-start my ...
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Why are wings not tapered all the way to reduce vortex drag?

Wingtip vortices are created by, well, wingtips. These vortices create drag. One of the approaches to reducing this drag is taper the wing, source source Will eliminating the wingtip, as on the ...
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How does downwash affect angle of attack?

Many aerodynamics textbooks, as well as many answers on here and similar websites claim that the downwash downstream of a wing induces a net angle of attack that is lower than just looking at flow ...
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Why do most authors use wingtips vortices as reason for 3D flow around wing?

Quote John Anderson Fundamentals of Aerodynamics: The three-dimensional flow induced by the wing-tip vortices shown in Figures 5.4 and 5.5 simply alters the pressure distribution on the finite wingin ...
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How do wings generate lift?

Just the basic question that every aviation enthusiast must be curious about: exactly how does a wing generate lift?
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Why the ground effect has such a different outcome for wings and cars?

I have some confusion concerning the ground effect. If we take two applications: Aircraft and Cars, they seem to have completely opposite effects. Aircraft From Ground effect (aerodynamics), we can ...
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Lift distribution on biplanes

This Wikipedia page about biplanes says in a wing of aspect ratio 6, and a wing separation distance of one chord length, the biplane configuration will only produce about 20 percent more lift than ...
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Why does this plane have vapor trails coming out of wings? [duplicate]

See this video of Birmingham strong crosswinds landings: At 2.57, there is a 737-800 landing (screen shot below). One can clearly see some vapor (?) coming out of ...

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