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What is the specific consumption of an A320 at Mach 0.78 and 11,000 metre altitude? [duplicate]

I am currently doing a dissertation on an electric drive system on planes and I need help. I can't find the specific fuel burn rate for an Airbus A320; if anyone could help it would be great. Also a ...
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Is there a generic formula to calculate fuel consumption for passenger jets? [duplicate]

I am working on a game that has to calculate the fuel burn of real life passenger jets. Input values would be roughly the following: Route (like JFK-LAX, based on Great Circle Map distance, ideally ...
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Estimating the fuel required in terms of flying distance and total weight [duplicate]

I am looking for a mathematical model to estimate trip fuel required. I have searched the internet but not found any specific mathematical model as such. The question is formulated as follows: Let $...
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Why don't airliners use in-air refueling systems?

Right now if an airliner wants to fly a really long distance (eg., a Boeing 787 flying from Seattle to Tokyo), it has to load itself down with lots and lots of fuel, which in turn weighs thousands and ...
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Why isn't the APU a standard diesel generator?

Why isn't the APU a standard diesel generator? Jet-A and diesel are interchangeable (with the addition of a lubricant). So why not use a cheaper piston engine as opposed to a jet turbine? V.S.
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How does gas turbine efficiency compare with supercharged piston engines?

If an aircraft mounted the exact same propeller on a supercharged piston engine and a turbine, and flew under identical conditions at the same pitch and rpm, how much more fuel would the turbine use (...
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How much of an improvement would a 1% weight decrease on an airplane be to the industry?

Say I thought of a very easy and inexpensive way to reduce the takeoff weight of a commercial airplane (body, fuel and passengers) by 1%. How much would this mean to the industry? Would it make much ...
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How do you compare private jet and commercial jet efficiency?

I'm curious about commercial airplane efficiency vs private jet efficiency. I was trying to compare something like a modern 737 flying a full commercial flight from NYC to LA vs an Embraer Phenom 300 ...
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When are multiple hops more efficient than single leg?

Considering a very long route (equal to the max ferry range of an aircraft[1]). Would it be more fuel efficient to fly multiple legs or a single one ? Multiple legs would allow you to use less fuel,...
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why are regional cruising altitudes higher than those of international much longer flights?

How come, for example, the average cruising altitude of let's say the Westjet Boeing 737-600 from CYWG to CYVR flies at an altitude of 38,000 feet-40,000 feet, yet the Air Transat Airbus 330-200 ...
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What is a (rough) rule of thumb for calculating fuel consumption in a modern jet airliner like Boeing 737 - 300?

I'm wondering what would be a rough rule of thumb for calculating the fuel consumption of a modern airliner like a Boeing 737 - 300. I am not asking for anything from the plane's manual or even a rule ...
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Where can I find accurate information about fuel efficiency of Airbus vs. Boeing planes?

I am trying to understand the competitive positions of Airbus and Boeing's large civil aircrafts. I would imagine fuel efficiency would be very important to airline given its large component in the ...
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What is the relation between drag and weight?

Given an aircraft type and fixing its wing configuration (flaps, slats) and fixing its speed and altitude and assuming it flies horizontally, what is the relationship between the aerodynamic drag and ...
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Is there a model to calculate fuel burn over the Atlantic ocean given an arbitrary aircraft identification?

Is there any accurate model that can take flight data, plane identifications and compute the amount of fuel that the aircraft would burn flying a set route over the Atlantic ocean.
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What should be the minimum time spent in cruise (for e.g. a B737)?

Having a short sector to fly, it would not be convenient to climb all the way up to the best cruise altitude, since the time in climb would burn more fuel than that necessary for a flight at lower ...
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