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Does cargo heat failure require a diversion? What about if there are live animals in cargo?

There was a story in the news recently that an Air Canada 787-8, enroute from Tel Aviv (TLV) to Toronto (YYZ), diverted to Frankfurt (FRA) when the pilots discovered a problem with the cargo heat. ...
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Is the A330F main deck cargo compartment pressurized? If not, what is the purpose of the structural cargo access door?

I know there is a related question already asking if cargo holds in general are pressurized. My question is specifically about the A330-243F in the below photograph. That looks like a pressure ...
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Cargo aircraft temperature [duplicate]

What is the temperature in the storage compartment on board of a cargo aircraft? I'm ordering a temperature-sensitive package by airmail and wouldn't want it to freeze. There are many questions ...
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Could the cargo hold of an aircraft be re-designed to carry passengers?

This image had me intrigued: It looks like two semi-circles, the upper part for passengers and the lower part for cargo. I was wondering, for short haul flights, could the lower part be converted ...
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Why large freighter planes still do not use intermodal (ship) containers given that size and shape are not problems?

Recently I found this article this article about the concept of directly sit on a pile of intermodal containers and lock them in place. Whether it is plausible to open such a huge opening ventral of ...
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Will an airliner with a quieter cabin have a quieter cargo hold?

I am aware that this question is on the border of travel and aviation but nobody on the travel side of the fence seems to be able to answer it. Apologies if it is regarded as off-topic for this site. ...
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Can air travel cause packaging air pads to burst or deflate? [closed]

This question is a new cross-post from the physics stack exchange: I ...
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Are matches in checked baggage a safety problem?

A friend of mine checked in on Singapore Airlines a bag which had a box of matches in it. They are regular matches and not the "strike against anything" type. My friend subsequently realised that ...
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What areas of a commercial airliner are pressurized besides the cabin?

For example, what about the baggage compartment? Landing gear housing? Avionics?
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Are Cargo Holds Pressurized, Non-pressurized, or vacuumed? [duplicate]

I watched an episode of Air Crash Investigation, which depicts a plane catching fire due to it shipping many expired oxygen generators for planes. The narrator says that a fire in the cargo hold is ...
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Do commercial pilots have their own lavatory? [duplicate]

I was wondering if commercial pilots had their own lavatory to the two instead of using a passenger lavatory.
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