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Would the front rudder of the Wright brothers really have helped in recovering the glider from a stall?

I have found a paragraph in the 1904 British patent of the Wright brothers (see the citation below) and it seems, from what they explain, that the two inventors believed the front rudder could have ...
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Is the physical MAX8 design bad because software is required for the aircraft to stay airborne? [closed]

I'm not an aviator by any means, but one thing that has come up in recent conversations with friends is that the MAX8 is inherently unsafe because alone, unpowered, the craft is not 'aerodynamically ...
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Why does a paraglider not need a vertical stabilizer

I am looking at a question I found in the internet: why can a paraglider fly without a tail rudder and elevator assembly whereas a normal fixed wing aircraft can't? One part of the answer is , the ...
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