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Why are the F/A-18 rudders deflected in opposing directions during takeoff?

Looking at some videos and photos of F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets taking off from carriers and from airfields, I recognised that the left rudder is pointing right, and the right rudder pointing ...
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Why are heavy flaps better than just a bigger wing?

Flaps increase lift during landing and T/O. But when retracted, they do nothing. The space needed to stow the common fowler flaps can't be used for anything else - fuel or structure. Extended flaps ...
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Why and when to use flaps?

On a commercial airliner, what is the purpose of the flaps? I understand that depending on which direction they move in, they can be used to decrease airspeed, but I don't know when flaps are used. ...
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Under what conditions can the maximum angle of climb be achieved for jet and propeller aircraft?

I know that the maximum angle of climb is reached at maximum specific excess thrust (S.E.T.) for jet airplanes, or minimum drag or maximum $\frac{L}{D}$. Is this true, and if yes, is this valid also ...
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Do auto-flaps exist?

Slats can be extended automatically depending on dynamic air pressure. Fly-by-wire systems provide flight envelop protection when flaps/slats are extended but I cannot find any reference of fly-by-...
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Why don't smaller powered airplanes have better lift-to-drag ratios?

Many airliners have LDRs near 20, and it sounds like the electric Eviation Alice may have an LDR of 24 at 240 kts, but many small planes typically have LDRs of only 8-10. It seems like they could ...
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Where can I find the regulations on the minimum stall speed for a GA aircraft?

I am designing a new GA aircraft that will enter service in 2028. I am looking for the FARS specifying the required minimum stall speed but different sources seem to say different things. On Cornell's ...
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How does retracting flaps help extend the glide of an aircraft?

As per the video from Smithsonian channel BA flight 38's captain retracted the flaps of the Boeing 777 by 5 degrees to extend glide, to travel further. Why?
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What is the shape of the power required curve?

I understand that when flying level, some power is required to maintain altitude, this power amount being: Normally larger when the speed is larger, this is flying on the forward side of the required ...
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Best Glide with Flaps T/O in DA20-A1

The Diamond Katana DA20-A1 Manual says that the best glide angle can be achieved with flaps in the t/o position at 72kn at maximum weight. My naive understanding would be that a flaps up position ...
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Is it better to reduce drag or increase lift?

Essentially my question is, in general is it better to have a lower drag or a larger lift. I know lift to drag ratios are used as an indicator but I think these don't give the best picture. For ...
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What would the effect be of flap deployment on a UAV such as the Reaper or Predator?

I've read answers that said that the climb performance is usually worse with flaps extended, and the pilots would, if they could, just retract them and get into a clean config as soon as possible. ...
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How is NASA going to get high fuel economy on the X-57? [duplicate]

This X-plane is meant to fly soon. It's a modified Tecnam. The propeller direct wash over the wings, increasing lift. This allows the use of a smaller, high-aspect ratio, low drag wing. But this isn'...
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