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Why do super sonic fighter jets have narrow waist? [duplicate]

Some of the supersonic fighter jets (such as F-4 Phantom and F-5) have narrow waist on their fuselage. Why do these fighter jets have narrow waist?
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Why is the Tu-95 so efficient despite having propellers that spin faster than the speed of sound?

I've ready many, many times that propellers are not efficient near the speed of sound because it's so hard to get a tip-speed above Mach 1. Then I came across this: It's the Tu-95 "Bear", a ...
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Why are heavy flaps better than just a bigger wing?

Flaps increase lift during landing and T/O. But when retracted, they do nothing. The space needed to stow the common fowler flaps can't be used for anything else - fuel or structure. Extended flaps ...
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Have any operational aircraft ever used over wing fuel tanks?

We are most familiar with under wing fuel tanks, has any operational aircraft ever used over wing fuel tanks?
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How is supercruise achieved?

Wikipedia article tells that supercruise is a condition when an aircraft can achieve velocities above Mach one without using the highly inefficient afterburners. But still, there are not a lot of ...
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What is the significance of the speed of sound to aerodynamics and aircraft design?

Almost every aspect of flight seems to be affected by the speed of sound, somewhat in the same way that nearly everything in physics is determined by the speed of light. Obviously it's not exactly ...
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How to recognise the Tupolev Tu-154, Tu-204, and Tu-334?

Tupolev used to be the one of the largest airliner manufacturer comparable to Boeing and Airbus. However since the dissolution of USSR, its airliner business is declining, and only operated by a few ...
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Can fuel be stored in the anti-shock bodies?

lets say an airplane needs to get to a certain route but doesnt have the fuel to do and it needs to store in the anti-shock bodies. Is it possible?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a delta wing compared to a swept wing?

What advantage does a delta wing have over a swept wing with high AR for supersonic flight? And what disadvantage does a delta wing have over a swept wing with high AR for transonic flight? The ...
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How is the area rule applied on airliners like the A380?

Wikipedia says that because of the area rule's impact on wave drag: aircraft have to be carefully arranged so that at the location of the wing, the fuselage is narrowed or "waisted", so that the ...
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Why do forward-swept winged fighters have the main wings in the back?

These are the only 2 fighter jets I know of with forward-swept wings. (Su-47 and X-29, they're both still experimental). As you can see, they both have their wings in the back, not the middle. Why is ...
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Does skin friction drag decrease with velocity?

The wings of subsonic planes have usually a very low surface area and aspect ratio as big as possible. However, in supersonic aircraft, wings with more wetted area (e.g delta wings) are used. Is this ...
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What is the physical-based/theoretical reason why supersonic area ruling works?

Supersonic area ruling is used to reduce the drag rise that occurs as aircraft pass through the transonic regime. While it has been validated experimentally, what is the theoretical/physics-based ...
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