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More than one runway with the same heading. How are they labelled? [duplicate]

Given that runways are labelled by magnetic heading. What happens in airports that have more than one in the same direction? How are they labelled? Are there any such airports?
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Are runways "one-way"? [duplicate]

Do runways always handle traffic in the same direction? Another question asked how runways were labelled left and right (8L and 8R, for example). But of course "left" and "right" depend on your ...
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Runway Number Landing and Departure Left Traffic Question [duplicate]

If I am "departing runway 36", what does that mean? I understand that runway 36 is at the north end of the runway (360 magnetic); So my question is does the aircraft start at the north end 36 and take ...
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What would be the designation for 4 parallel runways? [duplicate]

If an airport were to have 4 parallel runways (ex if KSEA added another one), what would the designations be. Would it be 34L, CL, CR, and L? I know in Orlando they are separated by the terminals, and ...
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I'm so confused how airport numbering works [duplicate]

I'm so confused how airport numbering works. If an airport has a single runway oriented 063 degrees and 243 degrees M. What would be the runway designator?
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How can I determine the runway number from its true bearing and magnetic variation? [duplicate]

Given: Runway True Bearing 007° Magnetic Variation 4°E What is the runway number (or designator)?
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landing with east to west wind on runway 11/29 [duplicate]

i was wondering if anyone could help me out with this doubt i have. the kananga airport in dr congo has a single runway labelled 11/29. upon checking on google maps the number 11 is on the left end ...
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RWY designation [duplicate]

I'm a translator, and currently I have some issues associated with RWY designation. There is a runway with the magnetic direction 246°. How would you call it? So let me put it like this. In Wikipedia,...
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follow up on the numbering system [duplicate]

with a runway 9/27 I am approaching from the east travelling in a westerly direction will I land at the 9 end or the 27 end? in other words, is the number on the end the compass heading or the ...
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How does the runway number relates to Magnetic Heding/Course? [duplicate]

I know that runway numbers correspond to Magnetic North, how does it relate to Magnetic Course/heading? Can we say that the runway number is equivalent to Magnetic heading?
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Why are months (e.g. December) used to notate a runway?

I'm writing a report on runway quality and I've stumbled onto a weird qualifier in the data. I understand that runway 17/35 indicates which direction the runway is facing based on magnetic heading. ...
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What's the difference between True vs Magnetic headings?

What is the difference between a true and a magnetic heading? Why are/were magnetic headings used in aviation?
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What does the letter G mean in a runway identifier?

Boulder Municipal Airport (KBDU) has runways 8 / 26 and also runways 8G / 26G. What is the significance of the letter G following the runway numbers?
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Are there runways that are numbered only on one side?

For all runways I've known or seen, they're numbered on both sides, with the number on the opposite direction differ by 18. Are there runways that are numbered only on one side? I.e. due to certain ...
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Why are magnetic headings used for designating runways?

Runways are numbered based on compass heading. Why? Does this help pilots in locating the runway, even in today's GPS age? Or are there some other technical reasons behind this?
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