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Under what conditions do airplanes stall? [duplicate]

I've seen somewhat conflicting information on when planes stall. I've seen references to "stall speed," apparently a speed below which the airplane will stall, but stalling also seems to be ...
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What is the significance of stall speed [duplicate]

Irrespective of the stall speed, the only reason aircraft stalls is when its control surface (elevator, aileron) exceeds critical AOA. Then what is the significance of the stall speed? Does the ...
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If a stall is at the same angle of attack what is the stall speed? [duplicate]

So I of course know that the wing can stall at any angle of attack, but what then is the stall speed? Is that the speed at which the wing will always stall and it may stall at a higher speed?
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How does stall depend on angle of attack but not speed?

Everyone says that the angle of attack is what determines a stall, not the speed. I understand the theory and understand that it is separation of the airflow that matters for stalling. However, I don’...
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Why does supersonic flight detach airflow from a wing?

I've read in several answers to questions that when a wing passes the speed of sound the airflow will become detached from the craft towards the rear quarter of the wing (thus making things like ...
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How do aircraft stall warning systems work?

If an aircraft stalls, there are stall warning systems called as Stall computers. Anyone has idea how they predict that its a stall and how they raise the alarm/warning?
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What is a vortex generator?

I saw a vortex generator mentioned in an aircraft listing. What is a vortex generator?
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What is Alpha protection?

This article states: An occurrence was reported where an Airbus A321 aeroplane encountered a blockage of two Angle Of Attack (AOA) probes during climb, leading to activation of the Alpha Protection ...
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What is a high speed stall?

I'm told that planes can actually stall when the airflow over the wing goes past Mach 1? Why does this happen and how do you design an aircraft to avoid it?
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Why is stall speed listed in a POH?

In this comment on this question about stall warning systems, it was stated that: You can stall at any airspeed (see this question and this one) and in any attitude, only the AoA is important ...
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What's the minimum cruise speed of modern airliners?

Often when approaching landing, I feel the aircraft slow down considerably, it hasn't landed yet, but kind of hovers around waiting for clearance to land. Thus I was wondering, is there any defined ...
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What is the typical angle of attack aircraft fly at and at what angle of attack do they stall?

At what angles of attack do aircraft typically fly at? How much of a margin is there before aircraft stall due to an increase of an angle attack due to factors such as gusts or rotation of the wing ...
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Does the expression "stall speed" have a definition?

I read, not only on this site, that the stall speed of an airfoil doesn't exist, and I usually make the effort to stay away from this expression. While an airfoil can stall at any airspeed, it's ...
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How does the aspect ratio of a wing impact its lift?

The wing lift formula shows that lift of a wing is proportional to its area. $ L = {\dfrac 1 2 \times \rho V^2 \color{magenta}S C_L} {\small \begin{align} &{} &&\text{where:} &&L =...
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Is there always a stall if you exceed a specific angle of attack?

So lets consider that the stall angle (=Cl max) of a B747 is at 16° (in clean configuration). Does this mean, that, at whatever speed you are flying (i.e. 500 knots), you would stall if you go on a ...
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