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Is there a maximum possible size for an airplane?

Is there any theoretical or practical limit to the maximum number of passengers - and therefore size - one can build an airplane for?
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What type is this aircraft with "inverted" wings?

A friend of mine saw this plane at Tampa Bay International Airport recently: It has an odd combination of a negative dihedral and pylonless overwing engines, all traits I've seen individually but not ...
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Why does rudder cause roll?

In the few rudder incidents with the B737, rudder-freeze caused the airplane to roll. From what I know, the rudder causes yaw while the aileron causes roll. Why in the case of these accidents/...
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What is the reason for the poor low-speed characteristics of sweptback wings?

I know there are advantages of swept-back wings delaying shock-wave allowing a aircraft to fly faster. However, what are the disadvantages. I know one of them is that they have very poor low speed ...
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Why do low wing aircraft have higher dihedral than high wing aircraft?

I have noticed and read in books that low wing aircraft have higher dihedral than high wing aircraft. Dihedral is design feature for lateral stability so should be needed for both designs. So why is ...
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What are the pro/cons of polyhedral cranked wings?

Dihedral wings seems to be very common (almost if not all low-wing airliners, many modern gliders,...). Polyhedral seems to be less common and mainly found in relatively old aircraft (F4 Phatom, F4U ...
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Could a plane be constructed to be fly in fixed-stick roll-stable circles?

According to it is not possible for a plane to aerodynamically recover from a roll disturbance. Is that an inherent limitation of how planes could be ...
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What is this "Supersonic French" aircraft?

To celebrate Bastille Day, Ubisoft released the below (2D) in-game charm for their game, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Despite frantic searching on Wikipedia, I cannot for the life of me figure out ...
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Why does the Falcon 900 have anhedral wings?

Why does it have anhedral wings and not "normal" wings? Many other similar aircraft with low-wing have dihedral wings. Source: Edit: This is about the Falcon 900, which apparently ...
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Do high-wingers have dihedral?

I know that high wingers have an inherent dihedral effect. Are there any examples of high wing aircrafts with a dihedral? If so, what is the reason behind it?
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Why is the wing of large commercial jet aircraft usually located below the fuselage?

When the wing of an aircraft is located above the fuselage, the aircraft is generally considered more stable. When the wing of an aircraft is located below the majority of the fuselage, the aircraft ...
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Other than looking cool, what is the reason behind the TSR-2's anhedral wingtips?

Pretty much what the title says. What is the purpose of the TSR-2's anhedral wingtips? I've heard someone say that they use it to counter yawing I think but is this the true reason or is it something ...
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In a slip or skid, how does one wing have a higher angle of attack and more lift?

I've discussed this with my instructor numerous times, and I have the concept memorized, but from an aerodynamic point of view, I can't see how the angle of relative wind to chord line is different ...
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What is the moderate dihedral angle for a low wing airplane?

An increase in dihedral results in a decrease of the total lift produced by the wings. I would like to know the moderate dihedral angle (in degrees) for a low wing airplane, especially the amature ...
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Is the Boeing AC-25A Banshee a real concept or a gimmick? [closed]

Could this be a feasible concept aircraft to replace the AC-130?
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