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How does aspect ratio affect the stalling angle of the wing?

I have been trying to find a clear answer for this but haven't been able to do so. From what I understand this is linked to induced drag but I'm not able to link it. Could someone shed some light on ...
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Aerodynamics of Flight Control Surfaces

From what it appears to me, flight control surfaces seem to be taken for granted. In terms of how they actually work and what kind of physical outputs they give in terms of forces and such. Take for ...
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Aerodynamic advantage of blunt noses and WHY (subsonic)

Compared to a sharper conical nose, a blunter conical nose is aerodynamically superior in subsonic flight. My question is why. I've read a lot about this and allegedly: A blunter nose accepts a wider ...
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Are high lift wings bad for faster speeds

I notice a trend in many aircraft designs. If the aircraft was designed to go slowly but have shorter takeoffs/landings they use airfoils with a high lift. However for long endurance flights they use ...
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Why is the critical AoA of most flaps 40° when most airfoils stall at 15°?

A plain flap deflected 40 degrees is largely stalled (...) Flaps stall at 40° according to an answer on Quora, why is this so when typical airfoils stall at 15°?
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Does airspeed affect the critical angle of attack on an airfoil?

I understand that the critical angle of attack is mostly affected by the shape of the airfoil. However does the airspeed of the airfoil or the density of the air affect the critical angle of attack? ...
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What is the typical angle of attack aircraft fly at and at what angle of attack do they stall?

At what angles of attack do aircraft typically fly at? How much of a margin is there before aircraft stall due to an increase of an angle attack due to factors such as gusts or rotation of the wing ...
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How does compressibility affect the critical angle of attack?

Why does the critical angle of attack reduce with increasing mach number or What is the effect of compressibility on critical angle of attack?
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What is the relation between an airplane's altitude and the drag it is experiencing?

The Reynolds-Number $Re$ is defined as $Re = \frac{c \cdot L \cdot \rho}{\mu} = \frac{c \cdot L}{\nu}$, with the velocity $c~\left[ \frac{m}{s} \right]$, the reference length $L~\left[ m \right]$, ...
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What is the reason for the poor low-speed characteristics of sweptback wings?

I know there are advantages of swept-back wings delaying shock-wave allowing a aircraft to fly faster. However, what are the disadvantages. I know one of them is that they have very poor low speed ...
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What is vortex lift?

In a recent question I asked, I was given an answer by Peter Kämpf and he described something about lift being created by a vortex used on delta wings and the Bird of Prey wing. How exactly does ...
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How do insects decrease aircraft performance?

Is it true that insects hitting the fuselage could decrease aircraft performance and increase fuel consumption? Insects are small in mass. I think even a large amount of them accumulate on the ...
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Why does supersonic flight detach airflow from a wing?

I've read in several answers to questions that when a wing passes the speed of sound the airflow will become detached from the craft towards the rear quarter of the wing (thus making things like ...
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How does chord length affect wing design?

In comments on the answer to a question about transonic speeds and control surfaces I came across this comment and I'm having a hard time understanding it. If you increase the chord, lift goes up ...
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How does stall depend on angle of attack but not speed?

Everyone says that the angle of attack is what determines a stall, not the speed. I understand the theory and understand that it is separation of the airflow that matters for stalling. However, I don’...
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