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What is the pressure on the pressure side in relation to the freestream?

The following [edited] images are from a network post: The top image states on the pressure side, the pressure is greater than the freestream. On the bottom image, the $C_p$ varies. According to ...
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How do wings generate lift?

Just the basic question that every aviation enthusiast must be curious about: exactly how does a wing generate lift?
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Why are heavy flaps better than just a bigger wing?

Flaps increase lift during landing and T/O. But when retracted, they do nothing. The space needed to stow the common fowler flaps can't be used for anything else - fuel or structure. Extended flaps ...
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How to plot the pressure distribution over an airfoil?

I have found only the description of this pattern with experimental graphs.Could anyone please tell me the mathematical formula required to plot the distribution?
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Can a steady flow have stagnation points?

I am confused by this idea. If a flow is steady, its streamlines are unchanging. Taking the typical example of an airfoil, there is (at least) one streamline which will hit the leading edge of the ...
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What is the actual air speed over and under a wing due to Bernoulli's Principle?

Bernoulli's Principle states that as a fluid speed increases, its pressure decreases, and vice versa. Air flowing over the wing of an aircraft flows faster than its neighboring air flowing under the ...
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Is the low air pressure on top of the wing the major contributor to lift?

I am kind of old time flyer. Started to fly with those primitive hang-glides with titanium frame and the yoke control, around 1966 and then after a few close calls and getting older I switched to ...
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Is flow turning different from the Magnus Effect? If so, how?

The production of lift is much more complex than a simple differential pressure between upper and lower airfoil surfaces. In fact, many lifting airfoils do not have an upper surface longer than ...
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Is a flying wing optimal for high altitude craft?

One of the biggest problems with flying wings is their sheer thickness, which creates excessive drag. However, since high altitude craft need bigger (and thus thicker) wings anyway, and since weight ...
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Why is subsonic lift at 25% of chord? [duplicate]

I pretty much understand the way a wing works and the different ways of explaining it, what I don´t understand is why the lift on a subsonic wing manifest itself at the 25% chord.... The 50% chord ...
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