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How does wind affect the airspeed that I should fly for maximum range in an airplane?

I have heard that wind affects the actual airspeed that I should fly for maximum range in an aircraft. I understand that wind will not affect the airspeed that I should fly if I am looking for ...
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Why did the Solar Impulse flight take so long?

The Solar Impulse just made big news for flying from Japan to Hawaii on a solar-powered plane in five days. But five days seems really long. Let's do the math on that. The distance from Japan to ...
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Do windows on the side of the fuselage increase drag?

I wonder this because I'm not too sure glass is easier for air to travel over than metal.
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How far can Boeing 777-200LR fly?

The diagram shows the B777-200LR Payload/Range for 0.84 Mach Cruise (P.41 of Source) The maximum payload range is around 7600 nmi, and after that payload have to be reduced in order to increase range....
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What is the relation between drag and weight?

Given an aircraft type and fixing its wing configuration (flaps, slats) and fixing its speed and altitude and assuming it flies horizontally, what is the relationship between the aerodynamic drag and ...
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What should be the minimum time spent in cruise (for e.g. a B737)?

Having a short sector to fly, it would not be convenient to climb all the way up to the best cruise altitude, since the time in climb would burn more fuel than that necessary for a flight at lower ...
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How can the range of an aircraft be calculated given real wind conditions?

I am very new to aviation and trying to understand how to calculate the actual range of an aircraft given real world wind conditions. I understand from this related question that you need 30 minutes ...
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What is the typical cruising altitude for a civil airplane? [duplicate]

I'd like to know the interval of altitudes airliners usually cruise at (and its reasons)? And if there are international restrictions about this? Also I read somewhere that recently about a ...
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What is the drag (or $C_D$ vs $C_L$) of the Airbus A320 in cruise flight?

Is there any website or data-sheet that I can find drag of airplane for cruise conditions. $C_D$ vs $C_L$ graph is also acceptable. To be more specific I am searching drag values of A320 in cruise ...
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What creates most drag during flight: fuselage or wings?

From pic 1, I know the drag line is below the thrust line, but I am puzzled about where the drag line is in pic 2? Secondly, what creates most of the drag in flight, is it the fuselage or the wings?
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Max Range Relationship to Altitude for Propeller-Driven Aircraft

Chapter 11 of the PHAK states, "If a change in altitude causes identical changes in speed and power required, the proportion of speed to power required would be unchanged. The fact implies that ...
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