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Why are there no cargo aircraft with "flying wing" design?

From that I have seen so far, the "flying wing" design (like the one of B-2 Spirit and Northrop YB-49) has superior performance but also a few notable problems that make it difficult to use for ...
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Is the Centre of Gravity moved by an aircraft travelling at “High Speeds”?

The following quote is from G. Bristol’s book, Ace the Technical Piloting Interview: [The] movement of the centre of gravity is due to a change in weight. The distribution of the aircraft’s weight ...
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Why do airfoil's trailing edges point downward?

The trailing edge of and airfoil is mostly pointing downward. Is there any reason for that? Down wash increases drag and down wash is due to the direction of air pointing down. If the trailing edge is ...
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Can lift be created without air downwash?

I was looking at the great site, but I don't really understand their explanation of lift and drag: The so-called infinite wing displaces air for a while, but the air particles return ...
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How does the line of thrust affect longitudinal stability?

I’ve been studying Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge FAA-H-8083-25B and on p 5-17 they talk about thrust line and stability. Can someone explain why the moment changes when thrust is applied? ...
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Why do most commercial aircraft have the Center of Gravity before the Aerodynamic Center?

I've looked at the other questions concerning this topic, such as: How does an aircraft tailplane work? Does static longitudinal stability require download on the tail? But I'm still confused about ...
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Why do tailplanes provide down force, if not for longitudinal static stability?

We can see that most conventional aircraft have their horizontal tail surfaces arranged to provide a down force. This question asks if that is required for static longitudinal stability, and the ...
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Should the pitching moment be up or down?

I had a question regarding the direction of the pitching moment. To make sure we are on the same page, here is what I know so far (please correct me if I am wrong). Lift acts through center of ...
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What are the properties of the wing (airfoil symmetry, angle of incidence) of an aerobatic aircraft?

On an aerobatic aircraft, such as an Sbach342, what type of airfoil does it have and what angle of incidence does it have in relation to the fuselage?
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How are empennage airfoils chosen?

Empennage airfoils are usually symmetric. What is the process behind choosing the airfoil used in the tail of the airplane? Is it related to the stability? And then how would the angle of attack of ...
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How can we recover from a tailplane stall?

I was studying for icing and a tailplane stall. I have looked up some internet pages and instrument flying handbook, and found the procedure below. raise flaps to the previous setting. (To reduce ...
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Do horizontal stabilisers provide any lift?

Do jumbo and smaller airliners' horizontal stabilizers provide any lift? Apart from maintaining the aircraft's angle of attack, can they perform the dual function that includes adding some lift as ...
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How does a tailplane provide downforce if it has the same AoA as the main wing?

If an airplane is traveling through a uniform environment and its main wing is parallel to its horizontal stabilizer, how does its tailplane generate downforce? Only explanation I can think of is ...
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Can the design for neutral stability reduce trim drag?

If one were to design an aircraft to have neutral longitudinal stability would this reduce the required horizontal stabiliser surface and hence trim drag?
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What is the relation of stall speed to the position of the center of pressure with respect to the centre of gravity?

Would the centre of pressure being aft or forward of the centre of gravity (CG), reduce or increase the stall speed in straight and level flight? I know it is a weird question, I just cannot figure ...
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