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How does an aircraft tailplane work?

How does an aircraft tailplane keep the aircraft stable, and prevent it from tipping over? Also, how does the lift generated by a tailplane compare to that generated by the wing?
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Do horizontal stabilisers provide any lift?

Do jumbo and smaller airliners' horizontal stabilizers provide any lift? Apart from maintaining the aircraft's angle of attack, can they perform the dual function that includes adding some lift as ...
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Are fighter jets designed to be so inherently unstable that a human can't fly one unassisted?

I'm told that in order to be more maneuverable fighter jets are designed in a way that makes them impossible for a human to control without the help of a flight computer. Is this actually true? ...
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How are fly-by-wire airliners controlled in case of complete electrical failure?

In this comment, it is postulated that even fly-by-wire aircraft (Airbus) are demonstrated to fly without any electrical systems. All Airbus aircraft are demonstrated controllable with complete ...
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Can the fly-by-wire system of a modern airliner handle an unstable condition?

According to this answer airliners/large passenger aircraft such as an A320 are designed such that they are longitudinally, statically stable under normal flying conditions. What if, for some reason, ...
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How does an aircraft maintain an orientation that was actually caused by a external disturbance?

What is the difference between centre of pressure, aerodynamic centre and neutral point? At this link, there is an image used to explain the answer, but not much has been spoken about it. I ...
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Are there any airplanes with the Centre of Gravity behind the Centre of Pressure? [duplicate]

We are used to seeing a forward CG in all airplanes, from a small Cessna to a large Boeing. I wonder whether any airplane with CG behind wing CP exists in production? Is it even possible? If so, what ...
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Why does the wing root of the A330 have a pronounced twist?

just wondering what the purpose of the pronounced twist on the Airbus A330 wing root is, I've noticed this on the 380 as well.
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What is the stability of a 777-like plane if the engines flameout and the autopilot disconnects and the pilots don't make any inputs?

According to Wikipedia: If no control inputs were made following flameout and the disengagement of autopilot, the aircraft would likely have entered a spiral dive and entered the ocean within 20 ...
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How to calculate the location of C.G. A.C. & N.P. in static longitudinal stability?

We are in the conceptual stage of design and, using Raymer & Nicolai as references, I am doing a rough calculation of "power off" neutral point (N.P.) to find the optimum c.g. and a.c. positions. ...
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