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What is the specific consumption of an A320 at Mach 0.78 and 11,000 metre altitude? [duplicate]

I am currently doing a dissertation on an electric drive system on planes and I need help. I can't find the specific fuel burn rate for an Airbus A320; if anyone could help it would be great. Also a ...
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Why isn't the APU a standard diesel generator?

Why isn't the APU a standard diesel generator? Jet-A and diesel are interchangeable (with the addition of a lubricant). So why not use a cheaper piston engine as opposed to a jet turbine? V.S.
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What is more environmentally friendly? An A320 or a car?

Presuming the A320 is at least 80% full (of passengers) and comparing it to a typical road car with 2 people inside, which one is more environmentally friendly, per passenger mile? I have attempted ...
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What are the ICAO fuel reserve requirements?

How much reserve fuel are private and commercial aircraft required to carry by ICAO rules? I heard that it changed recently (about a year ago) and is a little complicated. How is it calculated for ...
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How can I calculate the fuel consumption of an Airbus 320-200 at various loads?

I want to know: What is the fuel consumption of an Airbus A320-200 - 180 Seats, at 100% load factor for a distance of 2000 km? What is the fuel consumption of an Airbus A320-200 - 180 Seats, at 80% ...
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How many active large commercial airplanes are there?

For example, the 747 Wikipedia page says that 1500 747s were produced (that number seems quite low!). Any indication of how many large, commercial aircraft there are, and what the breakdown between ...
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How to perform a "first principle" performance calculation?

I am a PhD student on flight dynamics and control. This week I was given an assignment to do some research on methods of aircraft performance calculation. After some search on the Internet, I found ...
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How much does it cost extra to fly with one additional passenger?

How much does it cost to fly an airplane (like a Boeing or Airbus) when there's one extra passenger there, at an average speed of 475–500 knots (880–926 km/h; 547–575 mph)? That is, about 100kg extra,...
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How efficient would an airliner be if it did not have to carry its own fuel?

Hypothetically, if all the fuel was supplied externally or pulled from the atmosphere to where the plane had never to carry any fuel on board, how much more efficient would an airliner be? The plane ...
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Why large freighter planes still do not use intermodal (ship) containers given that size and shape are not problems?

Recently I found this article this article about the concept of directly sit on a pile of intermodal containers and lock them in place. Whether it is plausible to open such a huge opening ventral of ...
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How can my CD0 estimation be improved?

In this question (link) @PeterKämpf asked me to give a basis for my results. I will share my method for estimation here to see if you guys agree it is correct and how I can improve on it. Note that I ...
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Can I calculate fuel consumption for given reduction of drag coefficient?

If plane or car has Cd of 0.35 and 5L/100km, how much will be fuel consumption if Cd is reduced to 0.20 and everything else stay the same(weight, frontal area,power etc)? Is it possible to calculate ...
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How much money can be saved by removing seats?

If have an airbus A380, and I remove 500 of the seats entirely from the airplane (Along with their overhead compartments), and the remaining 300 or so seats I fill up normally with people, is the MPG ...
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How does the passenger load impact the direct costs and pricing strategy?

I am sitting at the airport and I was wondering if there is an optimal number of passengers to try to board a plane through an interesting fare. Flying an empty plane is obviously the worst situation: ...
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