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Is a 3 horsepower engine powerful enough for a 100 pound ultralight? [duplicate]

I'm building an ultralight and it weighs 100 pounds empty. My only engine is 3HP. Is that good enough?
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Can an automatic gearbox improve engine transmission for an ultralight? [duplicate]

I am working on my dream to build and fly an ultralight aircraft so I wouldn't like to know the following: Does adding a motorcycle automatic gear box to an engine improve on the strength for an ...
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Can I use Stihl fs250 engine for ultralight aircraft? [duplicate]

RPM 9000 Hp 2.2 Engine weight 6kg Plane weight 40kg Body weight. 70 Propellers(2blades) length 30 inches Wings length 120 inches
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What are some of the differences between piston engines used in aircraft and automobiles?

What are some of the differences between piston engines used in aircraft and automobiles? It seems aircraft engines are much more expensive, I imagine some of that cost must be due to the more ...
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What are the factors required to estimate the minimum required power for an experimental aircraft of a specific mass?

I have already viewed these questions: Basic aircraft performance: how can you calculate the required power? How can I estimate the required T/O power for propeller aircraft? But is there a ...
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Is it possible to power an ultralight airplane with a single-cylinder weed-whacker engine?

Plane: Weighs 200 pounds. 16 FT wingspan, 36in. by 5 in. airfoil Engine: 3,000 RPM, 2 HP Propeller: 4ft with 4 blades and weighs 4 lbs. Is there perhaps an equation that could determine this?
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What do I need to know to design contra rotating propellers for a powered paraglider?

I wonder if anyone has any technical information that would assist in using the correct Size & Pitch Contra rotating Propellers (CRP) on this Foot launched Powered Paraglider engine ? We are ...
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Can I model propellers used in electric aircraft the same way as I model RC quadcopter drones?

I am writing an article about mathematically modelling a flying car, using D'Alembert's principle. I need some information about the propellers ... When I worked with the mathematical model of a small ...
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What is the minimum engine hp needed to fly a light aircraft with an adult [closed]

And also the wing size, propeller sizer, body size, ruder, elevator needed. I might sound stupid; I am a beginner and I just want to these basis.
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Can i create a home built aircraft with this engine? Would this engine work for a homebuilt ultralight aircraft? I am still in the research phase, so i don't know what the weight of the aircraft will be, but I ...
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125 cc engine, 64" propeller 3 blade, 180 kg gross weight, will it climb?

I'm a government teacher in school, currently I made an RC aircraft and flew it, now I'm working on a single engine light weight aircraft, I want to use a Honda CG 125 (single piston) engine, with 64" ...
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Calculating thrust and required propeller size for a given engine power

I am looking to build an Airplane, the weight of Airplane will be around 20 to 25 kg and I am going to use a 70cc motorcycle engine as an Airplane engine. I want to know how I can calculate the ...
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Minimum HP for ultralight

What is the minimum HP needed to fly a 200 pound ultralight? I’m looking at a 6.5 HP, 3600 RPM Predator engine, but is that enough?
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