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What are the main differences piloting Boeing vs. Airbus aircraft?

What are the main differences in flying a Boeing vs an Airbus aircraft? Ignoring cosmetics, e.g. nose/window shape (see How can I tell apart an Airbus from a Boeing?)
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Why can't the A320's computer-imposed limits be overridden?

Under the investigation section of US Airways Flight 1549, it is noted that [The pilot] asserted that insufficient credit was given to the A320's fly-by-wire design, by which the pilot uses a side-...
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Why are on-board computers allowed to change controls without notifying the pilots?

Recently we've had the 737-MAX debacle, where it increasingly appears that the MAX on-board MCAS system repeatedly would issue nose-down events, leading to the Lion Air crash, and possibly another ...
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Is a Control Law Degradation in Airbus Planes displayed on the ECAM?

I would like to know if there is any warning displayed on the ECAM, when control laws get degraded from, let' say normal to direct law, other than the small text on the PFD. Also if there are any ...
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Is it possible to totally override the flight computer on the Airbus A320-family (in simple non-technical terms)?

As I know, in the autopilot oriented airplanes like an A321 the plane doesn't let the pilots pitch down when the plane gets an over-speed warning. So what if the pitot-static system isn't working ...
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What is the difference between the series and parallel yaw-damper systems for the 707?

Some excerpts from the Pan Am 707 AOM indicate that the 707 can have one of two different yaw-damper systems, "series" and "parallel", with differing capabilities: YAW DAMPER The ...
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What happens if full thrust is applied at cruise altitude for 5-10 minutes on a 787?

What happens when you apply full throttle to the engines of a Boeing 787 at cruise altitude for 5-10 minutes? Other than wasting fuel, what maximum speeds are reached? Does that pose any danger or ...
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How does flying a helicopter compare with flying a fixed wing plane?

There has been a lot of interest in the ease of flying a helicopter recently, and questions have arisen on how easy it is to control a helicopter in less than ideal circumstances such as low ...
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Does the pilot still have final control authority on modern Boeing airplanes?

In this answer it is said that Boeing (contrary to Airbus) gives final authority to pilots, but the example is about a 747-100(SP). This answer states, that modern Boeings have have a lot of fly-by-...
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What protections and feedback does the fly-by-wire of the Boeing 777/787 provide?

I know the Boeing 777 and 787 run on Fly-By-Wire. I was wondering: Do they have the Alpha Floor or Flight Envelope protections Airbus aircraft have? Do they have force feedback/force feel? The 737, ...
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Why does the MCAS use the horizontal stabiliser rather than the elevators?

The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), found, in two slightly-different variants, on the 737 MAX and KC-46, provides nose-down pitch inputs in certain very-high-angle-of-attack ...
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How is flight envelope protection implemented in Dassault Falcons?

In normal laws, envelope protection is implemented differently on Boeing and Airbus fly-by-wire systems, as highlighted in this question. I don't want to reopen a debate about which one is better (...
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