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Why is the trailing edge sweep angle smaller at the wing root?

Many airliners have a distinct unswept part at the wing root at the trailing edge. See for example this image from Wikimedia of a B737-400. Other examples include the B777, A320, Embrear 145, and ...
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Is there a maximum possible size for an airplane?

Is there any theoretical or practical limit to the maximum number of passengers - and therefore size - one can build an airplane for?
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Why do airliners pitch up during cruise?

In my experience as a passenger, when the plane stands at the airport and you enter it, the aisle is pretty much horizontal. (Obviously, I've never flown on a DC-3). After takeoff we pitch sharply ...
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Why wasn't the 737 MAX's landing gear lengthened enough to mount the engines under the wings, rather than in front of them?

The reason Boeing originally added the MCAS to the 737 MAX was to compensate for a slight pitch-up moment generated by the engine nacelles at very high angles of attack. This pitch-up moment occurred ...
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Why does the wing root of the A330 have a pronounced twist?

just wondering what the purpose of the pronounced twist on the Airbus A330 wing root is, I've noticed this on the 380 as well.
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Why does the F-15 have a swept-back trailing edge at its wing tips?

The F-15's wing has an curious feature: a swept-back trailing edge near the wingtips, along with an unswept inboard portion of the wing. (Modified from
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Why doesn't Boeing use supercritical airfoils?

It's my first question & I really want to know the answer from professionals to decide if my new design of airfoil is worth it because the initial test by CFD software (Fluent-ANSYS) indicate that ...
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How does wing bending relief of an a340 compared to an a330 allow it to carry 30t more fuel in a center section of nearly identical wings?

From this question this reference in ymb1's answer states that the a340 and a330 have nearly identical wings. Because of bending relief from the weight of its outboard engines, the bending moment of ...
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How is wing area defined?

When the plain "wing area" is given in basic aircraft specifications, what area does it usually refer to? Is the same area used for calculating the wing loading? For example I have a fuller ...
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Airliner sharp wing tip vs elleptical [duplicate]

Now that most airliner manufacturers are using composite materials for wings, making compound curves is much easier to produce, why aren't we seeing elliptical wings, outer panels or wing tips? ...
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How has Computational Fluid Dynamics improved commercial airliner wing design?

Starting the 1980s, extremely powerful computational fluid dynamics software has been used to design wing sections and whole wings. I am going to focus on the Boeing 777 as an example of CFD applied ...
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Can Bell-lift distribution increase glider efficiency(L/D)?

Can a Bell-lift distribution without a rudder has higher overall efficiency (L/D) then current gliders, if the wingspan is not limited? (Is it really possible that most of aerospace engineers don't ...
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What's the benefit of cranked wing for commercial airplanes [duplicate]

Many commercial airplanes have a kink in the wing geometry. A discontinuous change in the wing trailing edge sweep is present in the wing of the A320. What's the benefit of this? Is there any ...
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