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What is the difference between Best Rate of Climb and Maximum Rate of Climb?

Is there a difference between Best Rate of Climb and Maximum Rate of Climb? From my research, best rate of climb trades ground distance for altitude (i.e. steeper climb, more altitude per unit time)...
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Does an accelerating airplane also start climbing?

Assume that an airplane is flying level. If I understood correctly in this situations there are four forces acting on it: weight, thrust, drag and lift. Lift depends on air density, airspeed, wing ...
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Can I use motorcycle engine in aircraft [duplicate]

I am trying to build an Aircraft, The weight of the Airplane will be around 40 Kg with engine and 8 liters of fuel and with me the total weight will be around 90 to 100 kg and I want to use a ...
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In a jet, are Vy and Vx achieved at a constant AOA at all altitudes?

In terms of IAS, Vx (best climb angle speed) increases with altitude, and Vy (best climb rate speed) decreases with altitude, until they meet at the plane's absolute ceiling.
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How to find total climbing time based on Rate of Climb?

I am unsure on how to solve this problem. The only clue i have is to integrate ROC to find time. A jet aircraft has the capacity to fly at an absolute altitude ceiling of 11000 m, and a rate of ...
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How does climb-rate vary with density/pressure altitude?

I'm seeking to write a little web or phone app which can help me choose the best cruising altitude based upon winds aloft. I know Garmin Pilot (and probably Foreflight) have a cruising altitude ...
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Is it possible to determine the approximate climb rate of an aircraft knowing its top speed, engine power and weight?

Is it possible to determine the initial climb rate of a craft with a few key pieces of data such as top speed, engine power and weight? For example the XB-42 was an experimental bomber design from ...
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Is there an aerodynamic force that would keep this experimental WW2 era prop from flying as fast as an early jet?

The XB-42 was an experimental bomber developed during WW2. Its twin engines delivered a combined 3,800 HP and top speed of 410 mph at 23,440 ft. It's an amazing aircraft. But if an enormous ...
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How far does an A320 travel horizontally while climbing to / descending from cruise altitude?

I am trying to determine how far an A319, A320, and A321 travel horizontally while climbing to / descending from cruise altitude? Would anybody be able to help me calculate this?
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How to determine climb performance for various flight speeds?

I have the following climb performance chart: and I need to evaluate the maximum rate of climb in different flight conditions. The problem is, this chart is valid only for 85KIAS. Is there a way to ...
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Why does Vx have a relationship with thrust but Vy has a relationship with power? After I watch this article, now I understand the relationship between altitude and the rate of climbs. But I ...
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Can briefly explain the principle behind the inversion on this power required curve?

I’ve noticed on several graphs in the “Advanced Pilot’s Flight Manual”, that power available is lower for any given speed at 10,000 feet as compared to sea level flight. The power required curves ...
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How to calculate optimal flight climb angle?

I am trying to calculate the optimal flight climb angle based off of some basic power calculations for an aircraft on steady climb with an angle of theta. Doing a balance of forces I obtained the ...
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Matching the Drag Equation to Real Airplane Data

I am trying to compute airplane performance for a piston-driven airplane with constant speed prop using the standard equations for Lift, Thrust and Drag. I have found that there are a couple of useful ...
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Is V best endurance configuration the best way to save a heavily overloaded aircraft?

After reading this, we all agree "the experienced pilot takes over, lowers the nose, and the plane is saved". Not bad advice, but what speed offers the greatest amount of excess thrust ...
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