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What does it mean for a wing's lift distribution to be elliptical when the planform is not? [duplicate]

How would you go about finding an equation for the lift coefficient of this wing where the lift distribution is known to be elliptical but the planform is not?
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Why was the Spitfire's elliptical wing almost uncopied by other aircraft of World War 2?

The Spitfire was one of the most successful designs of its day, with flying qualities of a similar standard to the other best designs of the era. In its decade of production from 1936 it grew bigger, ...
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What is the lift force per unit span?

I got Aircraft Design: A conceptual approach for Christmas, and I'm having a hard time with lift coefficients because I honestly have no idea what "lift force per unit span" means, so can someone ...
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How is the induced drag calculated for a wing with elliptical planform?

How is the induced drag calculated for a wing with elliptical planform ? Is this wing shape the most efficient ?
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Why does the elliptical wing have the lowest drag?

I read that the elliptical wing has the lowest induced drag. Why is that so? I welcome a mathematical and intuitive explanation.
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Elliptical wing planform and elliptical lift distribution

I know that there are similar topics already here, but after reading them I still do not understand everything. From what I know elliptical lift distribution gives the least amount of induced drag. ...
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What is the relation between sweep angle and lift-to-drag ratio?

What is the relation between sweep angle and lift-to-drag ratio? And does it depend on the wing planform? For subsonic speeds.
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Why is an elliptical wing planform so aerodynamically efficient in layman's terms?

Below is part of an answer to the post 'For the elliptical wing, what is elliptical, and why is drag regularly distributed?': On the untwisted elliptical wing the local lift coefficient is constant ...
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Why do the elliptical and the rectangular wing show different aerodynamic efficiency?

I understand the elliptical planform is aerodynamically the most efficient type of wing planform and generates the greatest L/Dmax, but it's difficult for me to understand why. What makes the ...
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Does wash-out reduce drag?

I am in the process of designing a small wing (Re ~ 50-100k) and was planning to "un-twist" the tip of the foil by -5°. This corresponds to the 5° aoa where the center part of the wing has ...
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Why does a rectangular wing stall at the root first?

Study of countless aerodynamic questions and answers on this site has reshaped my understanding of both lift and and induced drag. Questions like this: How does an aircraft form wake turbulence? have ...
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