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How much fuel aircraft should carry to complete flight plan? [duplicate]

Here is the question I was looking for (it didn't answer my question though), but this is specific to Boeing 787. Is there any regulation to carry certain amount (may be %) of fuel aircraft should ...
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For commercial flights, is there regulations imposing a minimum fuel reserve upon landing? [duplicate]

In aviation, weight is tightly linked to efficiency. The more fuel you take, the more weight you add and the less money you earn. On the other hand, you want to pack more to deal with unexpected ...
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How much of an improvement would a 1% weight decrease on an airplane be to the industry?

Say I thought of a very easy and inexpensive way to reduce the takeoff weight of a commercial airplane (body, fuel and passengers) by 1%. How much would this mean to the industry? Would it make much ...
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What happens to incoming flights when the airport shuts down?

In Die Hard 2 terrorists take over an airport's ILS and landing lights on a snowy night (visual landing is impossible) and start making threats essentially holding the planes hostage. The tower ...
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How do you know which fuel an aircraft uses?

Other than the decals on the plane, how would you know what fuel to use in an aircraft? Where is this limitation documented? For some aircraft, does this limitation include some sort of substitute ...
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On average, how much fuel is left in commercial flights after landing?

I recently asked what kind of fuel reserve airlines were required to have. It turns out there are international guidelines for that, which for commercial flights are: Per ICAO Annex 6, Part I, ...
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Do fuel reserves take into account the possibility of a constant headwind?

I'm concerned about safety rules for commercial flight in North America. There is supposed to be a fuel reserve of "30 minutes" if I remember correctly. This seems to imply an extra 30 minutes of ...
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Is there any combination of aircraft and airports where no alternate landing airport would be possible?

In the comments on this answer an interesting assertion was made, that you never have a situation in the US where there is no possible alternate airport. Assuming that: you're flying an aircraft ...
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What is the procedure after a missed approach at the destination alternate since alternate fuel does not contain a missed app. at the alternate?

I am currently studying the fuel policy planning criteria for ATPL EASA(A) and i just learnt that the alternate fuel does NOT comprise the missed approach at the alternate destination aerodrome; in ...
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What is the minimum takeoff fuel requirement policy for commercial aircraft? [closed]

I am currently working on a fuel burn analysis of a particular route (ATL to DCA). I really want to predict takeoff weight of the flight; however, I realized that it's not easy to get the information. ...
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When does a Maximum Taxi Weight Restriction happen on a 737-800?

This is the first time I experienced restriction in taxi weight on B737-800. Have you experienced that before? All I know that restrictions will be from MZFW/MTOW/MLW. When does it happen?
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Is there a light civilian helicopter capable of a 250 NM trip without refueling?

Is there any light civilian (GA) helicopter that's capable of making a 250 NM trip with required fuel reserves? I'm thinking of something smaller and lighter that a private individual might buy. (I'm ...
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