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Does closed oval wing produce two vortex and downwash between them, like normal wing? [duplicate]

Does closed oval wing like this in video produce two vortex and air between them goes in downward direction like on normal wing? I think yes ,because cause for downwash is wing that push air down, not ...
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Could box-wing aircraft be the plane of the future [duplicate]

I've read that box-wing aircraft can reduce wingtip vortices caused by induced drag hence saving up a lot of fuel and hence able to carry more passengers. Would we able to see such aircraft in the ...
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Why are military drones shaped so strangely?

Military drones, such as the Predator drone or the Global Hawk, tend to have a weird shape with a whale-like head, and engines concentrated at the back. The wings tend to be of very high aspect ratio, ...
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Is a winglet better than an equal span extension?

Is there indisputable evidence that a winglet improves performance over an equal span extension? Please note: I am only interested in L/D improvements. Winglets do improve roll performance, that is ...
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Would an aircraft with contra-rotating propellers longer than the plane's wingspan be able to fly?

I enjoy taking the time to try and visualize how fictional aircraft might actually work in reality. Unfortunately there are some that seem highly impractical from an engineering student's point of ...
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Why is the use of tail-down force so common?

Why is the use of tail-down force so prevalent in aircraft design? Why not use canards to avoid induced drag?
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How is the D8 Double Bubble aircraft by NASA so efficient?

How does the 'double bubble' fuselage cross-section of the "Double Bubble D8" aircraft (developed by MIT for NASA) help improve overall efficiency by around 70%? Image credit: NASA/MIT/Aurora Flight ...
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Does the downwash created by induced drag increase or decrease lift?

According to the theory I know, lift is produced by accelerating air downwards at the trailing edge (downwash). Hence, as downwash increases so does lift. Induced drag is due to vortices at the wing ...
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How does the wraparound wing design reduce drag?

How does the wraparound wing in this AOPA article reduce drag? One would think all that extra leading edge and surface area would make it worse. One more link also. The Parsifal Project has ...
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Is there any advantage to having both wings integrated into a single wing unit, rather than being attached separately to the fuselage?

if I have a wing, which is split in the middle of it and attached at each side of the aircraft (like in any commercial aircraft today), I get a bending moment at the root of the wing. What if I have ...
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