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How can a plane fly far longer than designed? [duplicate]

The current record for longest commercial flight is 21,602.22km by Boeing 777-200LR. However the designed maximum range for B777-200LR is 15,800 km. So how is this possible?
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How do small planes cross oceans? [duplicate]

I've often flown short flights around the US on aircraft built by non-American companies whose range is less than is required to make a traditional Atlantic crossing. The Airbus A319-100, for ...
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How are regional planes delivered? [duplicate]

For example, E190s are produced in Brazil but operate in places like Germany, China, etc. Surely they can't fly these distances, so how are they delivered?
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How are GA aircraft ferried from factories?

It's relatively easy to transport jet aircraft like Airbus and Boeing: most of them have a long range, and a few hops at most would get them to the owner. But how would a Cessna manufactured in U.S. ...
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What is the ferry range of an A380?

The Wikipedia entry for the A380 gives the maximum range at design load as 15,700 km. The equivalent entry for a Boeing 747-400 gives around 14,000 km but distances of 18,000 km have been performed in ...
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How far can a 777 fly with just one engine at altitude?

If a 777 pilot wanted to fly further than with both engines running, how many more miles could the plane go with just one engine running, at high altitude?
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Is this ferry flight route possible for a B737-800 WL?

Recently a new aircraft, B737-86X (tail AP-BNA) was delivered to a new airline in Pakistan. The ferry flight as reported by planespotters is BFI - BGO - KHI but this seems like a large stretch given ...
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Chemtrail Conspiracy theory [closed]

Could this be true? A friend has posted this - of course, I have been looking ...
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How far can Boeing 777-200LR fly?

The diagram shows the B777-200LR Payload/Range for 0.84 Mach Cruise (P.41 of Source) The maximum payload range is around 7600 nmi, and after that payload have to be reduced in order to increase range....
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What regulations surround fitting aftermarket fuel tanks inside the cabin?

Watching the first episode of Dangerous Flights, a ferry pilot has aftermarket fuel tanks fitted inside the cabin of an old Merlin IIB: What are the regulatory requirements to be able to do this? / ...
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How are aircraft shipped to their customers? [duplicate]

This is sort of the inverse of this question. I was looking at the Boeing facility in Renton, WA in Google maps, and I realized, the airport is across the (Cedar) river from what I assume to be the ...
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What transatlantic flight routes are available for a Pilatus PC-24 with std configuration [closed]

I'm interested in this plane, but the aircraft's advertised range is 1,800nm with 6 passengers onboard. So a direct flight is not possible. How do you fly from e.g. Paris to New York? What are the ...
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How does Boeing Deliver single aisle jets to South east Asia? [duplicate]

I am not sure if they can fly on full tank gas to their destination (say India or Thailand), but how does Boeing deliver single aisle jets to these destinations. I read somewhere about the process of ...
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