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What typical improvements in lift/drag are gained using dimple & zig-zag strips? [duplicate]

A golf ball goes twice as far using a dimpled surface. Many European aircraft (especially gliders) use dimple strips or zig-zag tape on propellers, wings, struts etc. Very few US aircraft use these ...
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How do insects decrease aircraft performance?

Is it true that insects hitting the fuselage could decrease aircraft performance and increase fuel consumption? Insects are small in mass. I think even a large amount of them accumulate on the ...
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Why do many ram air inlets have this shape?

I often see this particular shape for ram air inlets. Here on an older 737 It's stretched on the newer 737's but still the same basic shape A also see it a lot on cars. 1979 Camaro Z28 ...
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Is airflow ever laminar in the boundary layer, near the wing leading edge?

I often see images of the boundary layer over a wing indicating the airflow is laminar over the first portion of the wing: Transition from laminar to turbulent flow over the wing. Left: source, right:...
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Would a slotted "wing" work?

The early history of aviation is full of crazy designs, so please allow me this one: A span wise narrow gap in the wing halfway between the leading edge and the trailing edge. The door to the gap ...
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What is a laminar airfoil and what are their pros and cons?

I am wondering what is a laminar airfoil and what are their advantages and disadvantages if compared to other designs.
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How can we design a wing for cruising at very low speeds?

I was thinking about a simple super-light aircraft powered with a little low-power piston engine. Is there any way that we can design a wing so the aircraft flies very slow (like 25 km/h as minimum ...
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What is boundary layer tripping?

I came across the term "Boundary layer tripping" but I can't really underastand it. After searching on internet I cannot find any video or an image explaining that concept. Could you please explain ...
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Is a 20% forced transition in xfoil similar to adding a vg?

Is a 20% forced transition etc. in xfoil similar to adding a vg? I understand a 20% forced transition in xfoil, is tripping the boundary layer from laminar to turbulent. Isn't that what a VG does? ...
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What provides a higher lift to drag ratio, a thick laminar wing or a thinner wing with a vortex generator

Recent readings have shown the benefits of "boundary layer tripping devices" or vortex generators for reducing drag and maintaining attached air flow at higher angles of attack. It seems these ...
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Can the wing stagnation point be bled off and used for laminar flow control?

The stagnation point at the leading edge contains slow-moving, slightly compressed air. This sounds ideal for laminar flow control. This slow air will create little losses in ducts, and it's pressure ...
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