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Why haven't quadcopters been scaled up yet?

Why are quadcopters not flown by human pilots yet? Wouldn't they be more stable and easier to control than helicopters?
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Is there a maximum possible size for an airplane?

Is there any theoretical or practical limit to the maximum number of passengers - and therefore size - one can build an airplane for?
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Why do model aircraft fly and maneuver so differently from real aircraft?

I recently viewed on Youtube many videos of small and giant models of airplanes. In some cases they are small (for example an A330, 1 meter long) and in others they are huge (for example an A380, 5 ...
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If I were to build a J3 cub twice the size of the original using the same CG would it fly?

How big of an engine would I need, if the original is 65hp? What would be the weight of the up-scaled plane? Simply twice the weight? What would be the stall speed? How fast would it go? 75mph? Is ...
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Why can't model aircraft be used to discover spin and stall behavior of manned aircraft designs?

I was reading some literature on stalls and spins (which are almost always preceded by a stall) of aircraft when a thought hit me. Why can't a model aircraft (1/4 scale of manned aircraft) be used to ...
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Have bi-wings been used without creating more drag?

As I understand from answers I've read here 1, 2, 3, biplanes create more lift with less wing span when compared to single wing aircraft, because the combined wings have greater surface area overall. ...
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Do airliners like Boeing and Airbus use airfoil variation along the span for their wings?

Airfoil variation will make a significant difference in airflow over the wing, thus proper variation according to the lift profile should improve the overall aerodynamic performance. But by how much? ...
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Are crosswind landings easier with larger airplanes?

I don't spot an answer to this question, so thought to re-post it here. Larger airplanes are heavier and would ostensibly be pushed less by the wind compared to a small airplane? Do larger airplanes ...
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How does scaling of UAV size impact range?

Lets say you have two autonomous small aircraft, one with a wingspan of 200 cm and one with 400 cm. Both have the same general design. They are both optimized for travel distance on one full tank (gas ...
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Are bigger and / or heavier aircraft more resistant to crosswind compared to smaller / lighter aircraft?

When watching heavy crosswind video compilations, I noticed heavy aircraft like the A380 an B747 have a more stable approach compared to the B737 or A320 where the plane banks left and right on ...
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Does object mass have a significant bearing on wind interference?

I'm learning to fly RC quadcopters, and before I go outside with an expensive, possibly dangerous (if it were out of control and hit something) large unit, I've decided to practice flying for a while ...
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