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Is a magnetic assisted takeoff feasible? [duplicate]

I have seen that there are many companies working toward hybrid electric aircraft. It is very exciting some of the ideas. The primary reason seems to be for limiting CO2 emissions acceleration, ...
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Maglev catapult aeroplane takeoff concept [duplicate]

It occurs to me that an aeroplane that is catapulted off a runway via a maglev system would eliminate many current problems we face With aircraft travel. Firstly the runway could be as long as they ...
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Is it possible that commercial airliners use an EMALS or other form of electric launch? [duplicate]

I am doing a big project for school over the summer, and was wondering if anyone can help? I just want a professional opinion on the idea. Is it possible or no?
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Why are winches not used for towing commercial planes up?

In this video a glider is pulled up by a winch on the ground, like this: (Source) I would say you could apply the same principles with bigger planes, possibly even using sustainable energy sources. ...
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Does it make sense towing airplanes to the head of airstrip by external (eg electric) means?

Does it make sense towing airplanes to the head of airstrip by electric means, whether internal or external? Taxiing from the gate to the runway on jet power seems like a waste of fuel. Is it ...
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How many kilowatts to get an electric 747-8 airborne?

Reading about the Airbus E-Fan and it's dual 30 kW thrust fans caused me to wonder: assuming the need for four electric fans, how many kilowatts would be required to power each fan with enough thrust ...
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Would a chain strip built in the airport taxiways, help airlines in saving money and time during taxi?

I am referring to the mechanism used in aircraft carriers, which help in catapulting fighter aircraft. What I had in mind is a milder version of the same concept. It would massively save cost, due to ...
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Would it be possible to put wind turbines alongside runways that are driven by the exhaust of planes?

The only thing somewhat similar that I could find is research from students to use air vents from factories. This is of course a much lower force to deal with. I'm curious if someone could give some ...
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Why don't commercial aircraft use tail hook technology?

Tail hooks help drastically reduce an aircraft's speed during landing, and would therefore reduce the necessity of having long runways. So why doesn't tail hook technology be implemented into ...
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Chemtrail Conspiracy theory [closed]

Could this be true? A friend has posted this - of course, I have been looking ...
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Does a "take-off" assist make sense for electric aircraft?

There is already a good answer that talks about how a catapult provides virtually no benefit for fuel-based aircraft. However, I'm wondering if the same answer is true for electric planes? For ...
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Could an electric airliner be aerotowed to cruise altitude by an electric "tug" aircraft?

The low energy density of batteries make electric aircraft need a high ratio of battery to payload. Take off and climb to cruising altitude could account for a substantial fraction of the energy ...
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