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What is meant by "Control your descent with throttle when landing, not with pitch" [duplicate]

I have heard it said on several occassion that when you are landing you need to control your descent with your throttle, and not with your pitch. Two closely related questions that I think can be ...
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Requirements for Steady Level flight at various speeds [duplicate]

Let an aircraft in a steady level flight be trimmed at certain speed. A level and steady flight at a higher speed can be achieved by changing throttle and elevator together ( and not just by changing ...
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Does throttle control altitude and yoke control airspeed? [duplicate]

I read that Throttle controls altitude and control wheel/ stick controls airspeed. Is that true? if so please explain.
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Does lift equal weight in a climb?

This subject keeps coming up in the discussions and questions such as this one, which asks if lift equals weight in level flight. Good answers there, pointing out that upwards force has many sources. ...
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How does an aircraft descend without its nose pointing down?

I have seen many cockpit videos of airplanes landing, and nearly none of them have their nose down for losing altitude. How does this happen? and how does an airplane, such as A320, descend without ...
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How do planes descend for landing?

I fly occasionally on a pretty short route on a turboprop (DHC-8). When the airplane descends for landing, I can look through the window and see the ground below getting closer over time. However I ...
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What is the relationship between power and fuel efficiency?

We were having a discussion in our ground school that power will make the plane ascend or descend and that you use the stick for speed, forward for higher speed and back for slower speed. So does that ...
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Does an accelerating airplane also start climbing?

Assume that an airplane is flying level. If I understood correctly in this situations there are four forces acting on it: weight, thrust, drag and lift. Lift depends on air density, airspeed, wing ...
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Why is pitch measured with respect to the horizon and not the ground?

Why is the pitch measured with respect to the horizon and not the ground? How different are the angles between the ground and the horizon? Would it be possible to fly with an attitude indicator that ...
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What are these red lights next to an airport runway?

What are these red installations at the end of the runway? They shine bright like a laser but I don't think they would install those near an airport.
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How to trim in level flight when speed increases?

What is required to happen to control surfaces and trim tabs to remain trimmed in straight and level flight, as speed increases? (for a GA propelled aircraft) My manual tells me that the elevator ...
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