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How can the 777X's longer wing reduce vortices? [duplicate]

I saw the following on this web page: The purpose of the longer wing is to reduce drag caused by vortices, or wake turbulence, that form at an aircraft's wing tips. The less drag, the greater the ...
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Would wing fences or chord wise corrugated tape increase the efficiency of a short span wing? [duplicate]

This question is not a duplicate ... Would wing fences or chord wise corrugated tape increase the efficiency of a short span wing? I understand that larger span wings have less % span wise flow. ...
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How complete is our understanding of lift?

I'm currently studying for my PPL and one of the accepted textbooks contains the following disclaimer at the end of the Principles of Flight section on lift: It is important to note that the forgoing ...
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How does an aircraft form wake turbulence?

This question discusses how wake turbulence can affect planes flying in formation. It got me wondering, how do aircraft (the wings in particular) form wake turbulence to begin with? It can't be as ...
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What dictates the aspect ratio of an aircraft's wing?

When designing an aircraft, there has to be a decision as to the aspect ratio of a wing. It's been said that having a higher aspect wing will reduce drag for the same wing area, however most of the ...
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What is the lift force per unit span?

I got Aircraft Design: A conceptual approach for Christmas, and I'm having a hard time with lift coefficients because I honestly have no idea what "lift force per unit span" means, so can someone ...
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Is induced drag essentially nothing more than a specific type of form drag?

If I were standing outside on a windy day holding a flat rectangular object such as a food tray up in the wind, orthogonal to the direction of flow, the drag created would be classified, mostly, as ...
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Why do wall-to-wall airfoils in wind tunnels produce no (or infinitesimal) downwash?

There are several induced drag explanations out there saying that tip/wake vortices “come from” downwash and downwash “comes from” lift. I’m using quotes because the concept is that there are no cause ...
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How is drag created from wingtip vortices?

What is the reason for the drag due to wingtip vortices? This question is about (general) performance, but doesn't answer the drag aspect.
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How does the aspect ratio of a wing impact its lift?

The wing lift formula shows that lift of a wing is proportional to its area. $ L = {\dfrac 1 2 \times \rho V^2 \color{magenta}S C_L} {\small \begin{align} &{} &&\text{where:} &&L =...
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How do Hoerner Wingtips work?

I was just reading up about different methods of reducing drag through the different wingtip designs when I come across Hoerner Wingtips. So after some research, I have two questions. According to ...
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How is the induced drag calculated for a wing with elliptical planform?

How is the induced drag calculated for a wing with elliptical planform ? Is this wing shape the most efficient ?
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Is the low air pressure on top of the wing the major contributor to lift?

I am kind of old time flyer. Started to fly with those primitive hang-glides with titanium frame and the yoke control, around 1966 and then after a few close calls and getting older I switched to ...
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Is induced drag caused because of the tilt of the wing backwards?

In this question: Why is induced drag less on a high span wing? In the answer it was stated that wing tip vortices do not cause induced drag. If this is the case then what causes the induced drag. ...
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Where does upward momentum come from in leading edge vortex?

I believe I am beginning to understand how a leading edge vortex creates lift. Faster air creates a lower pressure above the wing making lift. But I am hoping to get another view of this in terms of ...
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