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Can any aircraft take off using auto-pilot? [duplicate]

So there are some types of aircraft that can land under auto-pilot (or is that a trope?). Can those same planes go from stop (at the gate) to in-the-air flight without a pilot actually touching a ...
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When is the autopilot engaged and disengaged? [duplicate]

When does the pilot engage the autopilot during a flight? And when does he disengage it - e.g. at what height - during the descent?
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Is the autopilot system capable of taking off and landing a plane? [duplicate]

I am aware of the fact that the autopilot is engaged after takeoff and disengaged before final approach but I was just wondering whether or not the autopilot is capable of landing or taking off a ...
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Why do we still use pilots to fly airplanes?

With the recent advances in drone and remote control technology, why are there still commercial and military pilots? I understand that there can be some serious tactical advantages to human pilots in ...
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Why do airports have to close in bad weather?

Shouldn't aircraft be able to withstand winds of up to 100 mph? When flying the wind is at a much higher speed than that. Shouldn't they be able to take-off through fog using instruments alone? ...
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Can commercial airplanes be converted to drones?

Is it possible to convert a commercial airplane into a drone, such that if a pilot fails to respond to ATC it can be remotely piloted?
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How much time is a commercial aircraft (e.g. A320 / B737NG families) flown manually?

FMS/FMGS computers can fly many modern aircraft between waypoints set by the crew. They find their way using aids like IRS, GPS, DME, and ILS and are able to manage route, altitude and thrust. Mode ...
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Could aircraft already do a safe auto-takeoff with todays equipment?

If a plane can already autoland and stay aligned while roll-out by itself, on a CAT-3 ILS-Approach, I asked why there is no auto-takeoff-function on todays autopilots. Because it should be ...
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How autonomous are commercial passenger airliners?

Average layman here. Assuming the latest generation of planes/avionics rolling out of the factory today, how autonomous are commercial passenger jets? Obviously, autopilot has been around for decades, ...
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What are the restrictions preventing more intelligent autopilot systems?

Current autopilot system is integrated with Flight Management System (FMS) for navigation such as LNAV and VNAV; both of them are based on preset parameters given by the pilot prior to departure (IRS ...
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What is the future for auto-pilots? [closed]

What is going to change with auto-pilots on commercial aircraft in the next decade or so? Will airlines allow an auto-pilot to control an aircraft when it lands and takes off? Will we start using
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How often is a commercial (airliner) flight flown without autopilot? [duplicate]

When it comes to commercial flights, I am aware that once the aircraft has reached a certain altitude, the autopilot activates and assists the pilots in flying the aircraft. It makes being a pilot on ...
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