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What is the FAA regulation for the 3 mile / 1,000' separation for a commercial airliner? [duplicate]

I need help finding the Number/Citation for the FAA regulation/order that states commercial airliner separation should usually be at least 3 miles laterally, or 1,000 feet vertically. I cannot find ...
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What is the legal definition of separation as it relates to ATC? [duplicate]

ATC provides "separation" for all aircraft in class bravo airspace. What is the legal definition of separation? Is it the same or different than the see-and-avoid rule (FAR Part 91.113(b)) where all ...
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Are there any scenarios that a controller clear different aircraft at the same altitude? [duplicate]

In the real world, are there any scenarios that the controller clear the same altitude or flight level to different aircraft at the same time?
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How close can planes fly to each other over the ocean?

While on a recent Air Transat flight from Toronto Pearson to London Gatwick, several hours into the flight and over the Atlantic Ocean, my daughter and I noticed a plane behind ours to the left, ...
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Why wasn't MH-17 flying at 33,000ft before it entered Ukrainian airspace?

I was looking at the path of the MH-17 flight that crashed in the Ukraine on FlightRadar24 and noticed it was flying at FL310 (31,000ft), then because of the Ukrainian NOTAM which went up to FL320 (32,...
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How is a near miss defined?

With respect to mid-air collisions, how is a near miss calculated, detected, and reported? Does ATC have radar detection, or is it strictly up to pilots to report a close encounter with another ...
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What are the pilot responsibilities for "maintain visual separation" clearances?

ATC will sometimes give pilots the instruction to maintain visual separation from nearby traffic. I have a couple questions about this: There is a related ...
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What method does ATC use to calculate distance between two aircraft?

The distance between aircraft must be larger than the minimum separation all the time and is therefore quite important for Air Traffic Control (ATC). As I need to calculate the distance between ...
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How are aircraft separated at high altitude?

When cruising at high altitude, a fixed-wing aircraft has less margin for adjusting its speed, due to the convergence of the stall "speed" and the overspeed limit: If and aircraft has to be separated ...
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How can an ATC choose the right flight level and heading for airplanes?

I don't understand how air traffic controllers can choose the right flight level and heading for airplane when they are in the sky or they're approaching the airport to land.
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Are there laws about how close military aircraft can fly to passenger jets, and are they enforced?

Yesterday I was on a passenger plane flying at 35000 feet from Denver to JFK on a fairly clear day. Just west of Sioux City, we made a relatively sharp, but short, right turn for whatever reason (may ...
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What are the separation requirements on the ground?

What are the FAA regulations for aircraft separation on the ground, outside of active runways?
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Who is responsible for aircraft separation in IFR (limited/no visibility)?

I was reading how-much-is-the-minimum-safe-distance-between-two-planes-in-flight and realized part of it confused me (or maybe I'm just tired.) In a low- or no-visibility environment (i.e. under IFR ...
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At what distance between two aircraft will the air traffic controller get an alarm?

I am developing an air traffic control radar simulation. At what minimum distance between two aircraft in mid-air should a conflict alert be given?
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What is the minimum distance allowed between planes in flight, in Europe?

What is the minimum vertical and horizontal distance allowed between aircraft operating in European airspace? (This linked question is the US-specific equivalent of what I am asking about European ...
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