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Can some one please explain to me the purpose of the combustion chamber? [duplicate]

Please, i need some one to explain to me the purpose of the combustion chamber in a jet engine, why do we need to burn the gases to get energy ? the compression does not suffice ?? is it possible to ...
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What is the purpose of air that passes through the engine core in a turbofan engine? Is it mainly to spin the fan rotor? [duplicate]

The majority of the air going through the bypass is producing most of the thrust and providing the air that cools the engine. Does is also provide the pressurization and cooling/heating for the cabins?...
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How did the engines on the ME-262 work? [duplicate]

I have been looking into the ME-262 jet engines recently but cannot quite understand how they worked and was wondering if anyone could explain it to me in a simplified way.
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how does a jet engine work? (explanation for non-aviation related people) [duplicate]

Which day-to-day example would you use to explain a person (who is not involved into the aviation sector) how does a jet engine work? Would objects such as a hairdryer, a vacuum cleaner or a fan be ...
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On which point(s) in a jet engine does the reaction force act?

Turbojet and turbofan engines are part of a family of engines referred to as reaction engines to emphasize the fact the aircraft is pushed forward mostly by Newton's 3rd law of motion when gases are ...
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What provides the greatest thrust in a high-bypass turbofan engine?

I'll try to make as much sense as I can with this question. I've been flying quite often in 2015, and I have recently wondered this question regarding high-bypass turbofan engines. I know that there ...
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How is combustion directed in one direction in a jet engine? [duplicate]

The answer here explains how jet engines work. During the BOOM phase air expands, however, the expansion would be in both direction, say toward the turbine blades as well as towards the compressor ...
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Can tailwind produce reverse-thrust?

I know that the answer will probably be no, and this question might sound silly, but I wanted to think outside of the box. If engine air intake comes from the front, and is pushed out through the ...
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How does a rotary piston (radial) engine work?

How does a Gnome rotary piston engine work? I would like to see how it works in detail, possibly with text explanation.
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What is the reason for different number of front nozzles on commercial aircraft? [duplicate]

As we observe in commercial aircraft, that there are four or two front end nozzles for gas emission in the air. What is the reason for this variable of 4 or 2 nozzles? Why is it not a constant?
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Why are there curved blades on jet engines? [duplicate]

On the fan and comssorssor and turbine for that matter there are blades and they are also curved. Im already confused beucase the fan has blades but wouldn't it blow out air not suck in air? Why are ...
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