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Will leaving the ducting on the propellers attached to a DIY aircraft give it more thrust? [duplicate]

I'm not sure if its the right place, I have a problem with a flying thingy, and you like flying thingies, don't you? I will be trying to add some means of propulsion to my friend's styrofoam plane (...
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Would connecting propeller blades with a continuous ring reduce induced drag?

Turbine engines are covered, which of course is to contain the process (just like a super/turbocharged engine is as soon as the air enters the intake). But it got me thinking, doesn't this also reduce ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ducted fans in designs such as the Airbus E-Fan?

I have read that it increases thrust and reduces noise. Is there a downside to this? (Image source: Wikipedia)
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How much thrust is gained from placing a propeller in a duct?

Assuming that the power and diameter are the same, how much extra thrust can be gained by placing a propeller in a duct? How does it influence the RPM? To clarify: take any prop, place it in a well-...
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Rings around propellers [duplicate]

As a followup to Why do turbofan blade tips exceed the speed of sounds while prop tips should not my question is: why have rings on propellers not been used to overcome this problem? It seems from ...
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Do ducted fans have a future in forward flight aircraft? Can they be made more efficient than open rotors?

I'm fascinated by how ducted fans have the ability to be more efficient than open propellers of equal diameter in vertical flight through the use of tight tolerances, lightweight duct material, proper ...
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Does shrouding a propeller minimize induced drag by equalizing the downwash velocity along its blades?

EDIT: It's not a duplicate of Are ducted fans more efficient? That question and the answers doesn't address the reason for the higher theoretical efficiency, it is more about efficiency in practice (...
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Where can I find info or techniques on calculating the influence of a duct on the thrust and efficiency of a propeller?

I am trying to run numbers on a concept VTOL fixed-wing aircraft, and I am looking at having fans or props positioned inside the wings, (which would therefore make the wings relatively thick for a ...
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Are shrouds and stators needed to maximize thrust from stacked props and motors in electric aircraft like the Lilium Jet?

Do some e-vtol aircraft, like the Lilium need shrouds and stators to maximize thrust from stacked electric motors and props? The aircraft is actually called the Lilium Jet, although it does not heat ...
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Is winglet height equivalent to duct height?

Winglets increase effective wingspan by causing vorticies to be generated further away from the wing root in proportion to the height of the winglet (if vertical), likewise with winglets on propellers....
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