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Is there a limit to how large an airplane wing can be? [duplicate]

There are some agreeably large planes out there, like the C-5 Super Galaxy. But how big can these planes' wings really get? The heavier the plane, it is usually larger, and with size of the fuselage ...
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Why are birdlike airfoils not used?

Here are two airfoils (lets focus on Re 100,000): SD7043-il which is simple to build and has a glide ratio of about 60 e376-il a birdlike and much harder to build if using paper or similar due to the ...
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Why do shipping companies opt for the Boeing 747 instead of Antonov An-124?

Both are quad-jets, but the Antonovs can carry up to 150 t of payload and are much cheaper (\$100M for the An-124 compared to \$238M for the Boeing 747-400F). I understand that MRO is quite an issue ...
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Why wing ribs have diagonal struts

Why do ribs have diagonal struts,why not vertical as seen in airfoils of Citabria airplane?
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What's a similar looking aircraft to this illustration?

There is this crazy picture of a plane or a boat or both...? This is just a drawing, I know, but if this aircraft does not exist, is there perhaps a similar looking one in reality?
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How much bigger could you realistically make the Antonov 225? [duplicate]

The Antonov 225 is the largest cargo plane in the world. But how much bigger could you REALISTICALLY make it if money wasn't a problem? Could it be say twice as wide? Carry twice the weight? What ...
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What is the purpose of a wing Yehudi? [duplicate]

Apart from covering the landing gear leg, the Yehudi also increases the wing root cord which allows the build height for the root to increase for the same wing relative thickness. This is useful as ...
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What limits the size of the aircraft? [duplicate]

Why is it so hard to make large aircrafts? Boeing stopped after the 747. They haven't made a larger plane ever since. Airbus A380 took a long time for it to be designed. In June 1994, Airbus ...
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What are the physical laws for upscaling an RC model to 1:1?

What are the laws of physics for upscaling an RC model from a smaller to larger scale or even to a full sized 1:1 aircraft? I guess the basic thing may be lift/weight ratio which was nicely described ...
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Which came to be first - bigger airplanes, or longer runways?

I'm generally speaking about airports with runways long enough for airliners, be historic or still in use. In order not to turn this question to a chicken-egg discussion, here are my points: Would ...
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Why does An-225 have anhedral wings though it is a cargo aircraft?

What are the rationale behind this anhedral high mounted wing configuration? Is that usual for very large carge aircraft?
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