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What are aerodynamical reasons behind slight dihedral or no dihedral at all? [duplicate]

Regarding general aviation single engine high wing aircrafts in particular, what are the reasons for some of them to have no dihedral at all on their wing, or slight positive dihedral angle for other? ...
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Can all airliners be turned without rudder input?

Is it possible for pilots to make a right or left turn, using just the ailerons and without rudder input in all airliners? If not why so, for what reason?
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What are the pro/cons of polyhedral cranked wings?

Dihedral wings seems to be very common (almost if not all low-wing airliners, many modern gliders,...). Polyhedral seems to be less common and mainly found in relatively old aircraft (F4 Phatom, F4U ...
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What is this "Supersonic French" aircraft?

To celebrate Bastille Day, Ubisoft released the below (2D) in-game charm for their game, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Despite frantic searching on Wikipedia, I cannot for the life of me figure out ...
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Does slipping in turns allow higher climb rates?

Sailplanes, among others, use a cotton string to show the sideslip angle. I've often heard that while circling in thermals the cotton string should show a slight slip angle to climb faster. This ...
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Is this paragraph about the dihedral effect in the FAA's Glider Flying Handbook correct?

I've been reading the FAA's Glider Flying Handbook, 2013 (FAA-H-8083-13A). In chapter 3 ("Aerodynamics of Flight"), the book is discussing stability. On page 3-12, it states: Dihedral is the upward ...
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Does the dihedral effect happen during coordinated flight?

I have researched some about dihedral effect due to a question that I had, and I discovered that my question is essentially already answered, here and here, collectively. This has led me to a new ...
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What is the reason why dihedrals are used when building a plane? [duplicate]

How does dihedral affect flight characteristics of a plane? I know it increases stability, however is it the only reason why it is implemented? If so, aren’t there more effective methods to stabilize ...
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What is the dihedral angle of the A380?

It is understood that the A380 has a sweepback angle of 33.5 degrees and a taper ratio is approximately 0.3. However, what is the dihedral angle of this aircraft?
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What causes spiral mode instability and how do you minimize it instead of trying to dampen it?

What causes spiral mode instability in a GA plane and how do you minimize it in the first place, instead of trying to dampen it with dihedral (which is reducing efficiency by reducing vertical lift)?
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