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How do wings generate lift?

Just the basic question that every aviation enthusiast must be curious about: exactly how does a wing generate lift?
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How complete is our understanding of lift?

I'm currently studying for my PPL and one of the accepted textbooks contains the following disclaimer at the end of the Principles of Flight section on lift: It is important to note that the forgoing ...
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How does an aircraft form wake turbulence?

This question discusses how wake turbulence can affect planes flying in formation. It got me wondering, how do aircraft (the wings in particular) form wake turbulence to begin with? It can't be as ...
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What is vortex lift?

In a recent question I asked, I was given an answer by Peter Kämpf and he described something about lift being created by a vortex used on delta wings and the Bird of Prey wing. How exactly does ...
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What is the lift force per unit span?

I got Aircraft Design: A conceptual approach for Christmas, and I'm having a hard time with lift coefficients because I honestly have no idea what "lift force per unit span" means, so can someone ...
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How is drag created from wingtip vortices?

What is the reason for the drag due to wingtip vortices? This question is about (general) performance, but doesn't answer the drag aspect.
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Why is induced drag less on a high span wing?

I have a basic question and sorry if it is a well known fact. I understand that the induced drag is due to the tip vortices changing the effective angle of attack (downwash). I searched some ...
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How does downwash affect angle of attack?

Many aerodynamics textbooks, as well as many answers on here and similar websites claim that the downwash downstream of a wing induces a net angle of attack that is lower than just looking at flow ...
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Do wake vortices interfere with the flow over/under the wing?

So as the title suggests, I was wondering if the wake vortices formed by a plane interfere with the flow over/under a wing. (My assumption is that they don't, but I'm not sure) Also, how would speed ...
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Do wingtip vortices cause a decrease in the lift component of aerodynamic force, and do planes need to pull more AoA to compensate?

So, from what I know about wingtip vortices, they shift the angle of the relative airflow to where the effective angle of attack of the airfoil is lowered. Since the aerodynamic force is always ...
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Could reduced-lift wingtips allow an airplane to generate less wake turbulence?

Would it be possible to weaken the wake vortices generated by a large aircraft (which can be dangerous to smaller aircraft behind the large aircraft, and are the limiting factor determining how ...
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Does closed oval wing produce two vortex and downwash between them, like normal wing? [duplicate]

Does closed oval wing like this in video produce two vortex and air between them goes in downward direction like on normal wing? I think yes ,because cause for downwash is wing that push air down, not ...
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