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Why does the 747 have 4 engines instead of 2?

If the 747 can fly with two engines, why does it have four engines? What is gained by adding another 2 engines? Flights over the ocean? Fuel savings? Safety?
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How do you repair a grounded aircraft at a remote location?

If a large passenger airliner needs repair at a remote airport without services, are there "flying repairshops" that can swoop in and do the work on site?
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How are off-wing jet engines transported?

One of the optional services in Rolls-Royce TotalCare is "Engine Transportation" This service includes routine transportation of engines between the customer’s main base (or designated station) and ...
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What are these silver stripes on Cosmic Girl for?

Cosmic Girl (a 747-400 used for launching things into space)1 has a network of silver-coloured stripes on its empennage, starting at the (closed-off) last cabin window, and going aftward and upward ...
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Why does the Pratt & Whitney 747 have an extra engine on the right side but not left side? [duplicate]

What’s the purpose of this design, and why only on one side?
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What are the requirements of ferrying a spare engine?

It was not uncommon in the 60s and 70s to have B747 ferrying a spare engine. (source: Australian Aviation) Was that allowed only on aircraft specifically designed with a pod, or was that possible to ...
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What are the consequences of attaching an unused extra engine under Boeing 747 wing?

It turns out Boeing 747 can carry an extra engine under its left wing in case there's need to transport an engine somewhere far away. The engine is attached between the body and the left inner engine ...
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What are the differences between wings made for 2 engines and wings for 4 engines?

I have always wondered the differences between a wing made to hold 2 engines and a wing made to hold 4 engines, could someone please explain?
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What cargo airplanes can transport fully assembled large turbofan engines? [duplicate]

Is there a big demand for transporting overseas for turbofan engines with nacelles like TrentXWB or GEnx by cargo airplanes ? If yes, what planes are used?
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Can aircraft ferry engines for other types of aircraft?

There have been a number of questions that highlighted the fact that the 747 could ferry an engine on an underwing pod. Was the 747 only capable of ferrying 747 engines? Or was it possible to ferry ...
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