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What is a 'deep stall' and how can pilots recover from it?

West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 which crashed in 2005, fell victim when their plane encountered a deep-stall. From my understanding, only certain planes can 'deep-stall' How can pilots recover ...
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What is the reason for the poor low-speed characteristics of sweptback wings?

I know there are advantages of swept-back wings delaying shock-wave allowing a aircraft to fly faster. However, what are the disadvantages. I know one of them is that they have very poor low speed ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an oblique wing over a swing wing?

This question asks about the benefits of an oblique wing over a delta wing, but I am more interested in the benefits of an oblique wing compared to a swing wing. Wikipedia states: This is a ...
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What is the optimal wing sweep angle for a passenger airliner?

There are many different types passenger planes, but is there a optimal wing angle for these planes, that improves the plane's take off speed for example, or the fuel efficiency The Boeing 747 has a ...
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Why do delta wings generate less lift at a particular angle of attack compared to straight wings?

I simulated a delta wing and a straight wing in xflr5 with the same profile, wing area and airspeed (very low airspeed. around 10 m/s. it's for a model aircraft). The straight wing was operating at ...
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Why do forward-swept winged fighters have the main wings in the back?

These are the only 2 fighter jets I know of with forward-swept wings. (Su-47 and X-29, they're both still experimental). As you can see, they both have their wings in the back, not the middle. Why is ...
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Could a variable sweep aircraft also use negative angle?

Variable sweep on fighter aircraft is a bit out of fashion, but seems to a worthwhile option to adjust the wing to the current speed and needed lift. All this is bought with complexity and weight of ...
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What are the benefits of a pivot wing?

The answer to another question mentions the rather unusual pivot wing. From an aerodynamical standpoint, what are the benefits of an oblique wing compared to a delta, a trapezoid or a forward swept ...
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Have there ever been forward-swept horizontal stabilizers, and what would be its advantages?

After going over one of my older questions about forward swept wings, I realize I have never seen a forwards-swept horizontal stabilizer. Do they exist? What would be their advantages, if any?
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How does wing flex reduce wave drag?

If I'm reading this post right: What is the effect of airfoil thickness on aerodynamic lift? Airfoil thickness increases the lift coefficient. And from here: What are the effects of the Boeing 787&#...
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Spanwise flow and wingtip vortices in forward-swept wings

One of the benefits of forward-swept wing is that spanwise flow direction is from tip to root. However, in this answer an X-29 has quite significant sweep angle, at which drawbacks such as ...
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Why are winglets swept back and not front?

A winglet is defined by its airfoil shape, profile, sweep angle and height. In case of the sweep angle, why does it always mean that the winglet is swept back. What is the disadvantage of having a ...
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Impact to lift curve slope for a tapered wing with only trailing edge sweep?

I'd like to use a tapered wing with 0 deg leading edge sweep and 12 deg trailing edge sweep as shown below for my RC model. I understand that lift curve slope, a, is reduced for wings with leading-...
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