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Why are the engines not tucked underneath the wings of airliners? [duplicate]

If you look at the engines of an A350 and other similar aircraft, you will see that their engines stick out ahead of the wing. Why? Why aren't they tucked under the wing? (Source: Airbus)
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Why aren't plane engines mounted closer to each other or closer to the fuselage to reduce extra forces on the wings? [duplicate]

Why aren't plane engines mounted closer to each other or closer to the fuselage to reduce extra forces on the wings?
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Why not mount airliner jet engines above the wings?

It seems that most airliners put the engines below the wings, i.e. the Boeing 7*7 series and the Airbus A3** series. This requires long (heavy) landing gear, and the engines are close to the ground ...
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Why do we use pylons to mount the engines on jetliners?

This question focus on jet airliners. The De Havilland Comet's engine were mounted inside the wing, the Concorde's engines were mounted underwing (as many jet engines) but without pylon. It seems jet ...
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Why are the Boeing 747-8 engines on the wings spread apart? [duplicate]

I ask this because the Boeing 747-236 had the engines close together while the 747's have them spread apart. Does it have anything to do with the amount of thrust of the aircraft? Look at how spread ...
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Why are Stratolaunch's engines so far forward?

Stratolaunch's engines hang from pylons, not under the wing, but entirely forward of the wing's leading edge. (Even farther forward than, say, the 747's.) What benefit does this have, to compensate ...
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Why don't all aircraft use/need nacelle chines?

Most modern commercial aircraft (e.g. 737, 767, 777, 787, 747-8, A380, etc.) feature inboard nacelle chines to improve flow over the upper surface of the wing at high angles of attack. However, many ...
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What are these parts on the wing of a Boeing 737?

In the picture above: What are the parts numbered "1" and and "3"? Is "2" maybe the reinforcement of the pylon?
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How can engine positioning affect flutter tendency?

I understand that moving the engines towards the wingtips would increase flutter tendency, but are there any other positioning options which could affect flutter? How about moving the engine ...
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Why can not two modes coincide perfectly for some cases in Flutter phenomena?

I have a question about flutter phenomena. As you know, flutter occurs when two modes (for example, first mode and second mode) coincide (that is, after a specific velocity, the frequencies of two ...
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Is there a rule of thumb for spacing between jet engines?

While viewing this week's press release for the taxi test of the Stratolaunch I noticed how closely the engines seemed to be spaced. It would seem the ideal position would be near the fuselage to ...
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Why the inward engines-placement on the An-124?

I am curious as to why the engines (specifically engines 1 & 4) are positioned far closer to the fuselage on the An-124 compared to a typical 4-engined jet. I am curious as to whether this design ...
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What is the aerodynamic influence of prop spacing and placement in multi-prop engine setups

I saw this question Is there a rule of thumb for spacing between jet engines?, which referred to How do you choose engine placement for under wings engines?, but I was wondering how the engine spacing ...
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Aircraft wing stress design for 4 engine aircraft

Can anyone tell me how aircraft wings are designed for mounting the engines. My area of self study is a typical engine on the A380 weighs 8000kgs and it’s weight is forward of the wing. As the wing ...
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