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What was Korean Air 672 doing at the time of Malaysia Air 370's disappearance? [duplicate]

In the first part of this YouTube video, you can see an aircraft supposedly flying 4x faster than the surrounding aircraft, at the time the Malaysian 777 went missing. After replaying this on Flight ...
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What made the below flight path to have very low speed during the middle of its course [duplicate]

This is an ongoing flight details of my in-laws travelling from Frankfurt to India. I observe the speed of the craft is drastically reduced to 100mph and then picked up normal. Could someone please ...
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Is this a glitchy ADS-B signal? [duplicate]

I was looking through my virtual radar logs one of the days and found this "glitchy" ADS-B behavior. I am almost 100% sure that this is not due to my antenna or setup since two independent different ...
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Why is this 777 zig zagging over the Pacific (and delayed by 2.5 hours in air)? [duplicate]

Why is this 777 (CX 806 on June 6 2017) zig zagging over the Pacific (and delayed by 2.5 hours in air)?
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Sudden drop in speed and altitude? [duplicate]

Can someone tell me exactly what happened on this flight? It was a brief moment of sudden drop in altitude (6000 feets) almost at the same time with a drop on engine powers. It's a drop of signal from ...
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Are 360s by a B777 common in the holding pattern? [duplicate]

I found this forum having tried to find the answer on Google. I was on a B777 coming into Heathrow from Miami yesterday (AA56) and was expecting us to go into the usual hold. The attached picture ...
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Ground Speed On Approach [duplicate]

I'm not a pilot, just a bit of frequent flyer and moderate aviation enthusiast. I sometimes get on Flightaware and check on the flights I frequent and see the path that was taken and flight time. I ...
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How can ADS-B replace primary radar when FlightRadar24, using ADS-B, is so inaccurate?

I read the following on's 'How it works' page. The percentage of aircraft equipped with ADS-B receivers is steadily increasing though, as they will become mandatory for most ...
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What is an Inertial Navigation System? How does it work?

In this question, the answer notes that some ADS-B systems are connected to Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), and says they are less accurate than GPS. What exactly is an INS? A couple sub ...
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Why would an aircraft's position be so inaccurate?

Normally when we follow an aircraft on flight radar, the track is very accurate and not noisy. I just clicked on an aircraft that has a very inaccurate trace. What might cause this?
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Why did the Flightaware groundspeed readout suddenly spike for this flight?

My 18yr old son is currently in Barcelona - first time abroad and in a plane. Being an overprotective parent I thought I'd track his flight so I could see when he had landed safely = and save the data ...
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Why does ADS-B broadcast velocity?

I just read on opensky-network (scroll down to the section "facts") that ADS-B transmits roughly as many velocity as position messages. Since the velocity of an aircraft can be computed from two ...
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Why would FlightAware show this meandering flight path?

Today's BA219 from LHR to DEN (2018-03-20) appeared to fly 5 zigzags just before and over the Hudson Bay in Canada at around 18:15z. Prior to that, its flight path matched its planned route very ...
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Dash-8 Speed momentarily drops on takeoff

I was on a Dash-8 back in July and August. Looking at Flightradar 24, the speed is non constant and very choppy. It even goes down momentarily during the takeoff process. I believe that the Dash-8 ...
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What is the relation between altitude and vertical speed?

I recently saw 2 graphs on a flight path on BBC, shown below. For those interested, it's the path of the recently crashed Boeing 737 max flight ET302, but that's irrelevant to my question. My ...
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