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Is it possible to recover from a flat spin?

In Top Gun, Maverick's F-14 enters a flat spin after flying through another F-14's jetwash, forcing him to eject and causing the death of Goose. Is this scenario possible or was it only created for ...
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Why don't plane wings start at the front of a plane and end at the back?

This is what some people think the SR 72 will look like. If a plane wing was attached to the whole fuselage, couldn't it have a shorter wing span? If it had a shorter wingspan it would be less of a ...
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Why is the ball no longer centred in a multi-engine airplane with inoperable engine?

I'm currently working on my PPL, and whilst trying to understand fully how the turn coordinator works, I got down a rabbit hole that makes me question my understanding, and that I can't dig myself out ...
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How to recognize the horizontal winglet in the Horten design, or the experimental glider in this video?

Comments below the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center video Proving Prandtl- With A Twist! incclude: This video is entirely a hidden jewel in youtube, it deserves much more attention than what it ...
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How the German Horten Ho 229 flying wing can cancel the adverse yaw in turning? [duplicate]

How the German Horten Ho 229 flying wing type of aircraft-design, cancel the adverse yaw effect in oblique/ diagonally turns?How the pulley on the controls could mix up to do the dual role (bank and ...
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Why do the B-2 Spirit's split elevons seem almost always deployed?

Looking at images and videos displaying B-2 spirit, it seems like split elevons are most of the time deployed, even at high speed. Why is it so? Having some aerodynamic surface deployed generates drag ...
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What happens if an aircraft is only stable at higher angles of attack?

Does anybody know what will happen to an aircraft, if it is stable (in longitude) for let's say: -8° > angle of attack > 8° ? So for angle of attack 4° the aircraft is not stable (centre of ...
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How do tailless aircraft yaw? [duplicate]

I was doing research on control surfaces present on an aircraft and I noticed that some aircraft like the B2 Spirit does not have a vertical tail stabilizer and therefore no rudder either. How do ...
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How did the B2 Bomber achieve yaw [duplicate]

I came across this diagram of the B2. I was wondering how it achieved yaw. If I'm correct usually the rudder on the tail would do this, but the B2 does not have a tail. Does it have no need for yaw, ...
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What are the disadvantages of a tailless ultralight design?

What are the disadvantages of a tailless ultralight design with say 20 deg swept back wings with wing tip rudders, 20-60mph, max 25 hp? I'm not an aerospace engineer, so I stand to be corrected: The ...
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How does wing sweep increase aircraft stability?

I was told at one point that the sweep of a wing can help with the straight line stability of the craft, in fact I think it's one of the main systems that keeps flying wings flying straight (like the ...
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Could a plane be constructed to be fly in fixed-stick roll-stable circles?

According to it is not possible for a plane to aerodynamically recover from a roll disturbance. Is that an inherent limitation of how planes could be ...
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How does the B-2 Spirit fly without a rudder? [duplicate]

On the B-2 Spirit bomber there are no rudders on the back of the aircraft, how does it fly without entering a flat spin or losing control, because when other aircraft like commercial liners lose their ...
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How can a flying wing style airplane recover from a spin without a vertical stabilizer? [duplicate]

I fly a Cessna C-172, and if I have any bank when stalling, I have to use rudder to level the airplane. If I use aileron, the bank angle will increase and bring the airplane into a spin. My question ...