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Why do airplanes lift up their nose to climb?

Is it right that basically an airplane just needs to accelerate to climb? Greater velocity of an airplane leads to greater lift - and since its weight remains constant (or even decreases) - a greater ...
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Is excess lift or excess power needed for a climb?

As answered in this question, aircraft need excess power - not excess lift - to climb. This is plausible when the aircraft's thrust vector has a vertical component (its nose and engine points upwards),...
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Airplane longitudinal control: pitch or power?

I recently came across some slides from a flight school teaching, for the initial climb after take-off and for the approach, the strategy of controlling/adjusting RoC/RoD with power Speed with ...
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How can I calculate maximum rate of climb?

By what way and with which variables could you determine a plane's maximum rate of climb per time? If I'm not mistaken, I'm looking for VY.
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What is the relation between trim setting and constant airspeed?

I'm having an argument regarding elevator trim. According to a book my friend showed me, trim is for constant airspeed. So, let's say we are flying level at 100 kts with 2300 RPM and it's trimmed. My ...
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How does climb-rate vary with density/pressure altitude?

I'm seeking to write a little web or phone app which can help me choose the best cruising altitude based upon winds aloft. I know Garmin Pilot (and probably Foreflight) have a cruising altitude ...
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Why does Vx have a relationship with thrust but Vy has a relationship with power? After I watch this article, now I understand the relationship between altitude and the rate of climbs. But I ...
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Can briefly explain the principle behind the inversion on this power required curve?

I’ve noticed on several graphs in the “Advanced Pilot’s Flight Manual”, that power available is lower for any given speed at 10,000 feet as compared to sea level flight. The power required curves ...
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What is the mathematical relationship between Specific Excess Power and an aircraft's acceleration at a given point on an E-M diagram?

If an aircraft is on the x-axis of an E-M diagram plot (zero turn rate) where the Specific Excess Energy (Ps) = 800, we understand this to mean that the aircraft has the potential to either ...
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How can the required wing area for climb be calculated, given aspect ratio?

I'm currently working on problem 3.20 from the picture above. In order to find the rate of climb, I'm using the formula Rate of Climb= (Power available - power required)/weight. Doing this, I need to ...
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