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Does lift generation create a vacuum over an airfoil? [duplicate]

According to Bernoulli’s principle, airflow speeds up over an airfoil which decreases the pressure, and I read somewhere that when airflow speeds up over an airfoil, this creates a vacuum. Is this ...
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What causes lift in aerofoil: Bernouli's principle or Newton's third law? [duplicate]

Reading materials online, I observe some explanation based on Bernoulli's principle, quoting the difference of air pressure above/below and difference of speed of airflow. While some say's Bernoulli's ...
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Aerodynamics of lift [duplicate]

How can lift on a canvas covered airplane wing in level cruising flight be explained without introducing Bernoulli ? Both upper and lower surfaces are bulged out,which indicates lower than ambient ...
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What is the equality theory, or equal transit time theory, and is it supported by scientific evidence? [duplicate]

Throughout flight training when learning about the mechanics of lift I read and was taught this story about two molecules that part ways at the wing tip and reach the trailing edge of a wing at the ...
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Behavior of air over a wing [duplicate]

Venturi´s effect states that air over the wing accelerates and static pressure drops. There's a different theory which states that as air is viscous, once it impacts the wing, slows down... Can those ...
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What are the five leading theories for lift generation? [duplicate]

I don't know if you guys have seen the British comedy quiz show QI (brilliant show), but in episode 10 of series A (aptly called Aviation) Stephen Fry (the host) mentions that there are five leading ...
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Does air travel in the same time over the top of the airfoil and along the bottom? [duplicate]

If we assume two particles of air arriving at the leading edge, one flowing over the airfoil, the other under the airfoil. Do they arrive at trailing edge at exactly the same time?
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Why was the boat mounted this way on the underside of the wing on the "Landseaire" flying yacht?

After seeing the below image of the "Landseaire" flying yacht here I was curious to know why the small boat mounted to the underside of the plane was mounted the way it was. At least to me (and @Dave ...
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Why does supersonic flight detach airflow from a wing?

I've read in several answers to questions that when a wing passes the speed of sound the airflow will become detached from the craft towards the rear quarter of the wing (thus making things like ...
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How do I explain what makes an airplane fly to a non-technical person?

As an engineer I can explain in very technical terms exactly what makes an airplane fly, however, it isn't easily understood by non-technical people. How can I explain it to a non-technical person, ...
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Why do planes fly at a high angle of attack when flying slow?

I've noticed that when a plane does slow flight, the pilot increases the angle of attack (AOA). What is the purpose of this? F-18 - Slow Pass
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How does an aircraft form wake turbulence?

This question discusses how wake turbulence can affect planes flying in formation. It got me wondering, how do aircraft (the wings in particular) form wake turbulence to begin with? It can't be as ...
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What is vortex lift?

In a recent question I asked, I was given an answer by Peter Kämpf and he described something about lift being created by a vortex used on delta wings and the Bird of Prey wing. How exactly does ...
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What is the purpose of the small fins on top of the wing surface of Boeing aircraft?

I've noticed on most Boeing aircraft that there are small fins on the upper surface of many of their wings. They are about one inch high and maybe two inches long (it's difficult to judge size from ...
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Principle of aerodynamic lift: are misconceptions also taught in flight schools?

Describing lift as the result of "equal transit time" on both sides of an airfoil is a fallacious theory widely found in technical books and articles for general public (see below for details about ...
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