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How do the vortex created by wing tips affects the lift? [duplicate]

I’ve been reading about how improve the aircraft performance and I found that for low aspect ratios, the vortex created by the wing tips decrease the lift generated by the wings. Why is this happening?...
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How complete is our understanding of lift?

I'm currently studying for my PPL and one of the accepted textbooks contains the following disclaimer at the end of the Principles of Flight section on lift: It is important to note that the forgoing ...
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Why doesn't the Concorde have any wing fences?

A Wing Fence is a straight, vertical "fence" running from forwards to backwards down the wing. This MiG-17 has three fences per wing. I've also seen them on delta-winged aircraft such as the MiG-25. ...
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What is the purpose of a dorsal fin such as on the Boeing 737?

I've noticed that the 737 has a rather unusual vertical stabilizer, with an extension at the front. Is the 737 the only plane equipped with such a vertical stabilizer, and what is its purpose?
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What is the purpose of the small fins on top of the wing surface of Boeing aircraft?

I've noticed on most Boeing aircraft that there are small fins on the upper surface of many of their wings. They are about one inch high and maybe two inches long (it's difficult to judge size from ...
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Why didn't the Concorde have flaps or slats?

It's well known that the Concorde had no flaps or slats. The lack of high-lift devices considerably reduced lift at low speeds, requiring the Concorde to take off and land at higher speeds and angles ...
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Why are delta wings not commonly used in commercial airliners?

Delta wings are most commonly seen on military aircraft. I understand that delta wings are ideal for supersonic flight, and provide high maneuverability. Having high maneuverability and speed are ...
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What advantages come with the wing on the Boeing Bird of Prey?

I noticed this picture yesterday of the Bird of Prey and wondered about the wing design and what advantages would come with this unique wing design compared to other aircraft? Source:(
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Why doesn't the A320 have a dorsal fin like the 737?

The A320 doesn't have a dorsal fin, but the 737 does. If the 737 is more or less a similar aircraft, why doesn't the A320 have a similar dorsal fin? By Bill Larkins [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia ...
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What are the disadvantages of a delta wing biplane design?

The idea of a delta wing as I understand it is to reduce stress on the wing and drag on the leading edge. Now using two delta wings on separate planes, on one frame would presumably allow for a ...
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What is the typical angle of attack aircraft fly at and at what angle of attack do they stall?

At what angles of attack do aircraft typically fly at? How much of a margin is there before aircraft stall due to an increase of an angle attack due to factors such as gusts or rotation of the wing ...
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How does the use of Leading Edge Root Extension help in increasing stall angle?

Leading Edge Root Extensions were first used in Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighter, which first flew in 1959. After that, many fighter air-crafts have used it, some of which are mentioned after the ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a delta wing compared to a swept wing?

What advantage does a delta wing have over a swept wing with high AR for supersonic flight? And what disadvantage does a delta wing have over a swept wing with high AR for transonic flight? The ...
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What are the benefits of a 'cranked arrow' delta wing?

What are the benefits of the 'cranked arrow' delta wing that was used on the variant of the F-16, the F-16XL? Sourceenter link description here
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What is the difference between side-by-side vs under-cockpit engine intakes?

What is the main difference between these two engine configurations? What are the differences between planes that have the intakes below the cockpit as compared to those who have them on the sides? ...
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