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If airplanes can't use reverse thrust in flight, what am I hearing?

I've flown on a few commercial flights, and on several of them I recall a phase of the flight during descent when the engine seemed to go idle (or at least, the engine noise subsided substantially) ...
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What makes it safe for the DC-8 to use reverse thrust in flight?

For most jets, the use of reverse thrust to slow down in flight, where even possible, is extremely dangerous, and strictly prohibited. Not so on the DC-8, which is certified for the safe in-flight ...
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Are aircraft certified for inflight thrust reversal required to demonstrate controllability in an asymmetric-reverse-thrust scenario?

For most jetliners, the inflight use of reverse thrust is prohibited (and often physically impossible), due to the potential for loss of control in the event of an inflight reverser deployment (a ...
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What happens when an aircraft activates reverse thrust mid flight? [duplicate]

I know that airplanes have several mechanisms in place to prevent such an occurrence from taking place, but am still curious as to what would happen if the reverse thrust activates mid flight.
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Why does the use of reverse thrust on the DC-8 generate a pitch-up moment rather than a pitch-down moment?

Unlike most aircraft, the DC-8 is certified to use reverse thrust in flight (albeit only on its inboard engines). This serves as a very effective airbrake, although it also produces considerable ...
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Is it possible to use reverse thrust while airborne? [duplicate]

I play a flight-sim called X Plane. The other day while I was approaching an airport a little too fast and knew I couldn't slow down in time. I decided to use the reverse thrust while I was still in ...
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How common is an airliner activating reverse while still in flight? [duplicate]

Around 1977, I watched a DC-9 landing at Guacimeta airport, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, opening the flaps reversing thrust of both engines just over the airstrip end, but some 9 feet over the ...
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What safety mechanisms prevent thrust reverser deployment in mid-flight?

I just came across the Wiki article on Lauda Air Flight 004, which was destroyed when a thrust reverser activated in mid-air. In the article, it says: The incident led Boeing to modify the thrust ...
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What would happen if thrust reversal is accidentally deployed during a flight? [duplicate]

Is it possible to deploy the thrust reversal, in the cruise phase of a flight? And, if they are accidentally deployed, what could be the possible consequences? As the cruise phase requires a lot of ...
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Which Thrust-Reverser-Systems are used by which engines and aircraft? [closed]

Thrust-Reverser-Systems According to various sources, Thrust-Reverser-Systems can be classified as follows ( see e.g. Bräunling's "Flugzeugtriebwerke", Rick's "Gasturbinen und Flugantriebe", Purdue ...