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How can an airliner make up for time lost?

If a plane has been delayed at the origin how does it make up for the lost time? Does the pilot need any special permission from ATC to increase the speed so that it can cover the lost time or has the ...
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Can gliding your plane save fuel?

Aimed towards lighter piston planes including a powered glider, if a pilot wants to extend a plane's range unconventionally, could flying like a glider by climbing and then gliding down or would ...
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Did airlines fly their aircraft slower in response to oil prices in the 1970s?

Modern airliners generally have lower cruise speeds than those of comparable aircraft from 40 years ago (the venerable Boeing 737 seems to be something of an exception; it has always had a more ...
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How much leverage do commerial pilots have on cruise speed?

If you fly frequently there are chances you have seen some delays in departure where you end up waiting in the aircraft sometimes for multiple hours. Almost every time that happened I remember the ...
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When is the descent clearance requested from ATC?

Is there a rule / Standard Operating Procedure as to when request the descent clearance during cruise flight? Something like one minute before reaching the Top of Descent point?
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What happens to en route flights when a major earthquake etc. destroys facilities?

Suppose you're flying a big plane in to an airport like Mexico City, already in final descent, when an earthquake strikes. Large cracks appear in the paved infrastructure catching some vehicles by ...
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For a B787 in cruise, what is the altitude, speed, and angle of attack?

For a Boeing 787 in cruise, what's the altitude, speed, and angle of attack? I need the reference as well (normal flight cruise)
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How is altitude correlated with true airspeed?

I am trying to understand the BADA 3.0 dataset (specifically I am looking at Performance Summary Tables): E.g. What is not obvious to me is why those tables mention only single TAS for specific FL. ...
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Do airlines in Middle East use higher cost indexes?

Cost index equals time cost divivded by fuel cost. Given that, do the airlines in Middle East generally use higher cost indexes because fuel costs are much cheaper?
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Does the optimum LRC speed increase or decrease as the GW of the aircraft decreases during a long range flight?

I do not know what defines the optimum LRC speed for each aircraft, aeronautically speaking. I suspect it has something to do with optimum AoA but even then I am not sure if the LRC speed should ...
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