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Does the 737 have a higher aspect ratio than most later 7X7's?

In this video: The Insane Engineering of the 787 there's a chart (at around 10:40 in) which shows that the 737 (which series?) has an aspect ratio of over 9, while the 747, 757, 767 and 777 rise from ...
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What is the drag optimized wing form for given lift and bending moment?

I am trying to build a passive hydrofoil board. Something like this: I want to use wood and i am coming to the conclusion that i want to optimize drag for a given ...
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What are the benefits of raked wingtips over tapered wingtips? [duplicate]

This post shows the differences between winglets and raked wingtips. I'm curious why raked wingtips have been developed when there are tapered wingtips. What are the benefits of raked wingtips over ...
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